CSM 14 - Week 3 Update

A short update on the CSM



Thanks for the update. With CCP touting their much improved data mining capabilities added with Into the Abyss, I expect we are going to see much more dial turning/ content altering moves on the Devs part to try and reinvigorate larger areas of EVE. Hopefully they will be showing these results to the new CSM prior to deciding which direction or changes they want to make in EVE gameplay based on the data returned. Please make it a priority to ask CCP to be kept in the loop on data returns following their test period of new changes PRIOR to implementing further adjustments.

We understand there will be a massive shakeup and changes from what had become standard gameplay, but please try and mitigate the worse ideas the Devs come up with before they go a “(Jump) bridge too far.”


Thank you for the update.

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Hopefully, this change will help reduce the amount of botting that occurs, but I have no doubt that the bot software developers are already at work on a “no local” version.

One can only hope they are and that this will lead to even more botting of different kinds. Inconveniencing almost every other user just to fight bots is beyond dumb. Gate reporting bots will hopefully become such a pest that CCP rejoices over the spiking omega numbers and cries shark tears over lopsided intel capabilities. Just like they did when Goons in the past created such a good ingame standings display tool when local didn’t have that capability, that they saw themselves forced to introduce this capability for everyone.

The game data will speak for itself.

Data that CCP is incapable of properly analyzing as recent blunders by CCP Falcon when he talked about data demonstrated.

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You like the risk vs reward model then give WHers a printing press like nulls since we don’t have asset safety.

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