Looking for details on CCP's counter-bot department

Some of us have been wondering about the counter-bot folks at CCP, how many there are and what kind of supervision there is. We’ve been reporting bots for a while - kind of easy to tell when someone is posting scams in local 23 1/2 hours a day. Over a week later there’s no response. Is the department understaffed? How do we know that it’s even been reviewed - at least with petitions we can see the response. For that matter, does anyone track the ISK for some of these local spammer/scammer bots to see where it’s going? Is the lack of action another “GRRR Goons” from CCP? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Inquiring minds are unlikely to find out beyond the occasional dev blog published by team security. Publishing their processes would only help the botters.


Just curious, if you can see them posting scams 23.5 hours a day…
Doesn’t that mean you’re also awake and watching local 23.5 hours a to verify that?
If so, can’t you also just be posting your own scams during those 23.5 hours a day?
As in, it’s humanly possible to do so.
Therefore, just the fact that someone is posting 23.5 hours a day by itself doesn’t mean they’re actually botting.

Or were you really only paying attention for the 1 hour you were playing the game and don’t actually know about whether or not they continued the remaining 22.5 hours of the day?

local chat logs, and I’m logged in and out extensively on multiple characters, so even if I’m not at my computer, it’s logged.

True, you could log from downtime to downtime and never be at the computer for more that a minute

But again, that doesn’t prove they’re bots…

again, read and pay attention - the same character, posting to local for 23 1/2 hours, day after day - the human body can only go so long without sleep.

As much as I admire your commitment, but CCP won’t care about it.
CCP or PA has no problem with botters as long as they are count as paying/plexing customers.

PvE (and mining)in EvE is so f*cking predictable and boring, that it nearly forces you to go AFK , watch a movie, go with your dog or clean the dishes while your poorly PVE-Capsulier is doing the grind .

I will not say, that I had found the final solution for that problem.
I am just a humble consumer of a product that CCP wants to sell.

Some ideas about Bots/PvE/Mining where made the last 17 years,
but even for the simplest changes is no will avaliable.
The two fastes ways to hinder botters a little bit would be

-replace NS-Bountys by collectable Tags
-remove Drone-Auto-Agro

But rince repead, CCP and rather PA have no serious interest in stopping bots !
This would reduce the number of LogIn, and for the shareholder is that the only number that counts !

Please take a look at my position & vote for me, I am a single issue CSM candidate & I feel my views likely match your own.

CCP has a very poor track record when it comes to botting. CCP has long despised RMT but tolerated botting & invested very little into the matter.

Bots provide foot traffic to Eve online, botting also provides income to those heavily involved in ‘‘content creation’’ ie those running eve’s largest null entity which in turn supports a lot of paying customers in the form of their line members. For these reasons CCP have very often been cautions in targeting botting. Confirmed Botting has not even resulted in permanent bans in the past, there was once even a progressive system to botting in eve where CCP warned players that their botting was being noted.

Killing bots in the short term may even severely reduce CCP’s 1/4 income, which is a massive driver in how CCP is run especially prior to the PA sale. Upon sale to PA we had a large attack on established botting empires.

Yeah, no.

I’d rather have ALL the bots back than deal with forcing through idiocy like “Elimination of static PVE & introduction of CAPTHA or non/poorly automated PVE.”

Your pro bot position is noted, possibly CCP could make a server where botting is allowed, reimbursements are handed out on a whim & in game corruption runs wild, I’d be quite happy for you to jog on over there. Oh wait that is TQ, I forgot it is us normies who are looking for a new home.

Not pro-bot. Preference for botting over stupidity and the level of economic upheaval that “CAPTHA” and “elimination of static PVE” would cause. Elimination of belt rats, all static plex’s, the entire mission system?

yeah, nah.

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