Does botting still plague eve?

Hey all,

'07 player here, debating returning when I heard about a 10k tournament. I will have to make enough isk for a PLEX on the market, but I quit several years ago because of a rise in market bots. Bots that were programmed to monitor the market and undercut buy/sell orders by 1cent. They are impossible; as a human, to beat. They are on all hours of day.

Has CCP addressed the market botting situation?

Thank you all!


In PR, yes.
In reality, no.


Every now and then they force bots to re-create their accounts, and they’ve transported some botting supers to high-sec as a anti-botting PR stunt.

Practically speaking tho botting is rampant and basically unimpeded in EVE today. You can see it almost everywhere you go. Market bots in high-sec. Ratting and mining bots in null. Relic bots zooming all over the place. FW plexing bots.

I’m pretty sure that at this point we’d be lucking if 1/10 players is actually a human being.


It is worse. CCP bans around 4k bots / month give or take, sometimes under, sometimes over, as per their security blogs. They do so in waves and the bots come back usually within a few days, week at the most.

So these are guaranteed bots. Due to how quickly they’re back in action on new accounts, it is safe to assume that at any given time on any given day there are almost 4k bots logged in. Just under the number of banned ones. And these are just the guaranteed ones, not the ones sitting in the sec team queue and not the ones that have not been caught yet. So add whatever number it is on top of that.

Furthermore the whole current NS meta is a breeding ground for bots. All the ratting and mining mechanics, there are even explo bots now and a ton of FW bots.

Add to that way too many people are multibox AFKing, and are just as stupid to play around as the bots. Due to the game mechanics there is often so little difference between such and an actual bot that it is extremely difficult to tell them apart. So when I say they’re like ■■■■■■■ bots, then it really means they are like ■■■■■■■ bots. No difference in play behavior and just as damaging to the game and economy.

Go check out Reddit - Dive into anything and do a search on it, hell, there is afresh botter report that just popped up not long ago, maybe still on front page if you go see quick enough.

Throw into the mix that CCP decided in their infinite wisdom to allow non paying people to have both pirate and navy issue ships, the exact same ships favored by botters world wide. So we have disposable characters running bots with highly efficient ships generating zero income to CCP and destroying the regular player based economy by generating product/isk/drops 24/7. They get caught? No big deal, throw away and start some more free alpha accounts. If CCP had any common sense, they would lock both the pirate and navy issue ships behind the Omega pay wall; it would generate far more income and , if a player is caught and banned, then cost even more money sent to CCP to re-establish their bots.

Sure there are other ships botting, but let’s not make it easier for the people destroying your livelihood by supplying free accounts, ships optimized for botting, and all the while generating no income to the company running the game. Other steps will have to be implemented to stop botting further, but let us at least quit aiding doing the damage to the game ourselves.

The only way to stop botting is to remove the advantage of doing so.

That, I conclude, is mystifying. I used to dump $10 every couple days into a Ms. PacMan, Elevator Action, Berzerk, or Mr. Do! machine.

As a kid. With a job washing dishes, I could afford to do that. Today, you guys are paying about 50 cents a day or less.

That is seriously so much that you are botting? Or is the botting for RMT?

I just deleted a high sp toon. My last mistake, well, hopefully, the drone using fool. I’m hoping Aomame will be the culmination of my learning from my own stupidity, but whatever.

Can someone please explain to me the motive behind NOT paying your stupid 50 cents a day, or why you would pay a ton more money in RMT, than you would if you just created a new toon, bought plex, sold it at the market, bought skill injectors, and played the game?

I just don’t get this.

Lots of reasons, from “i dont have a credit card” down to “i dont want to support the developers”

Bots everywhere. Still, when I choose to play, the bots pretty much don’t affect my own personal game activities. Depends what you do, I guess.

Also, things are looking up, because in a bold anti-botting move, CCP will remove L4 and L5 mission access from Alpha players. Because that will cut almost one half of one percent of the botting out. So there’s that. (I agree that it would prob have been smarter to block pirate ship access, but whatevs)

I don’t feel many of the bots are players plexing their accounts as opposed to subbing. They would fall into two categories:

  • mostly RMT farmers.
  • Players who feel the need to support their corp/alliance/personal activities with massive piles of ISK or whatever, but simply don’t care to do the grind. Lots of these people would actually pay for a sub or two, and do their normal EVE activities while also running a mostly-AFK or bot account on another screen to pile up the ISKies while they chat with their friends in fleet.

CCP generally pretends to be doing something significant about botters, but honestly, when a lot of their paid subs do it, and the huge nullsec alliances rely on it to fund their fleets, and even the actual RMTers probably have thousands of subbed accounts… well one can see why they might not want to tackle the real problem, and instead make visible but not-very-significant gestures.

Paranoia is usually not warranted, @Kezrai_Charzai.

If you are correct, then…

My only logical course of action is to delete my client application and depart.

Are you sure you’re correct? You might be, I admit that. I know about people paying for followers on social media. I can’t comprehend the motivation, but it’s real.

You paint a bleak picture.

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this is so disappointing to hear, ive been gone for over 10 years and a friend and i were considering coming back, but I left the game due to fleet lag and the fact that the days of flying around 0.0 and actually coming across humans was slim to none.

gah i miss the glory days of about 14 years ago.

Get a job.

In so many words: nothing has really changed. CCP are reactive not proactive, short of banning the human from ever opening a new account through some IRL identity check how can they ever stop them?

In having said that, there’s little they can do to intercept bots. Bankrupting alliances would be a really good way to disincentivise it and this has been threatened but never seen in action. Actually bankrupting and causing all sov to drop and all citadels to enter low power and generally completely screwing corrupt alliances like goons/FRT/RED et al would be hilarious but also probably kill EVE due to pop loss.

god yes, i put some ice on the market and watch the price drop like a rock just to mess with them.

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