The bots and you

How to troll bots in the ore market. (market data from 07-09-2017)

I’m a dedicated trader for around 2 years, I’ve never met someone in my life who plays the 0.01 isk pvp market trade on a daily basis, and neither do you. :yum:

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Probably some toon is going to report their senpai telling someone made a near legit post about it on the forum.
Hello :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I don’t get the point, trolling bots by using an own bot?

The best thing is you can use bots for years and CCP will never get you caught.

EVE is a great game with propper security team :star_struck:

I am up about 18 billion since I reported some arbitrage bots to CCP about 4 months ago, I can pump and dump for 400%+ margin and these toons will blindly outbid and uncut almost anything thrown at them.

I don’t think it still work raw like that anymore, I’ve seen a lot of adjustments had been made over the last 1,5 year or so in a course to prevent people trolling market bots making bad investments or just plain bad investments without someone (purposely) trolling it.

Also you can just google the eve bots and go to their website forums, and there you can see they openly discussing/helping/giving advice on how to properly set up bots prevent making loss/ setting best optimal against the odds, by people complaining or asking help about their bot, those are just public forums.

Although yes in the past it was way more easily to trick bots into extremely hiking whole market sections, for example like PI market because they would 100% out bit or undercut you guaranteed lol.

The simplest part as far as I know at the moment is the ore market since most commercial bots have not been updated yet to take in mind ore value in compare with relatives or excluding ore as whole from the bot trading in it.

You’re an idiot

Here is a recent example.

One and the same person selling you it for 2.5m and also buys it up from the market when you put it there for 5m?

Now I understand where some people come from getting spacey rich from market trading while I had times managing over 600 orders daily 2x would probably take me 20 years for the spacey rich you would expect from over 600 active orders (on scale)

But nevertheless it got me space rich knowledge about market trade/activity concept and experience in particular :+1:

But nice you can farm that section over there, you can share anything about this or that here (or ingame) I’m interested if you have more kind of stuff that makes you guess.

Yes, the bot/script trader/really stupid human will outbid me over 5.5 million, then I fill their order, I then list more for sale at 2.5 million, they will uncut me with items I sold them, in which case I buy them back and repeat. I can scalp anywhere between 5mil to 400mil at time depending on the item value, spread, and unit volume. I have done this 100s of times, no human has ever allowed me the pleasure.

Pump and dumps work best on thinner markets, on items with no practical purpose in game, or you are very confident you are the majority of supply and own stock pilled units. Fringe markets are easier to control once you have spent some time accumulating inventory.

No market can be controlled indefinitely but to pump and dump people or bots, one really only needs a few days to setup a ruse and then extract enough pain for them to capitulate. Bots will not experience the pain of loss like people, but will blindly follow set rules which can be determined over time and exploited.

From my experience the more zealous the competitor the more likely it is a human. Tricks like switching order of numbers like 101200120.01 to 102100120.02 will fool people, giving you the knowledge that they manually update prices and they are not a bot or they are more sophisticated and use a trading script to copy and paste from.

Most commonly, bots I suspect last about 6 months, then die, if they last longer, they turn out to be people in the long run. Most determined competitors have taken over a year to break, for some trading against other confirmed humans is a source of purpose to their game.

These two suspected bots I mentioned earlier are almost a year old now, trade against me with the same basket of items in the same way and split their login times to cover what I believe is most of the day (I am awake during their tradeoff window). Since they have not been banned or changed behavior in close to 4 months since being reported, either CCP security has become less effective, still gathering intel, or this set of characters are legit people that make so much, that the 100 to 600 mil a day in total I take from them is trivial.


Damn lol you are really smart doing that.

On the security site of CCP, I will bet all my money they are paralyzed in terms of doing something against these activities.
I’ve been also reporting them for over a year, they just reply they look into it, but never (or maybe rare) take any action.

And based on public forums of websites which provide range of bots they are not even hiding their activities like they know nothing will happen anyway.

These crooks at the security team has to be investigated lol :ccpguard:

Also this bot you farm money from has to be a trading in lots of orders since the person will just chek now and than to see how much profit it made over a period from all orders.
Just to the point it expects a certain profit amount of all activites it does on the market, when it does not or makes a loss its going to complain on the bot forums the bot is not working as intended an will get advice to fix the issues.

Same item, same price window, different character.

Somehow there are two humans willing to repeatedly fall for a stupidly obvious pump and dump for months and have no change in behavior during that time. Believe me, that is a believe able story, really creditable people say so.

Here is a combined view with both characters. I am using the Min Qty to filter out one or the other.

Yes what these ‘people do’ is possible it just doesn’t fit in any picture or concept, it just if you compare with how much % is it bot behavior and how much % is it human behavior you would get 98%/99% bot and 2% human, still could be human but the situations which will fit the picture are rare (not the “rare” ‘value’ from pay to win games lol)
There are other situations where you have 80% bot chance and 20% human chance for example and other ratios.
It’s all possible in the end, it just points more towards on side or another but is really difficult to make a factional verdict in the end since everyone is shrouded in cyberspace somewhere behind a computer.

Also sometimes people will just do it in front of your nose just to play psychological games with you :ok_hand: :sparkles:

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