Trading Bots Question

Returning player, me, trying again to make EVE work, me again, looking at trading and exploration this time around. I am busy will the needed trading skills, Omega account so no limitations, my concern, can trading bots be beat or to complete do you literally have to be on station 24/7. Thx.

If you try to fight them, y need to undercut them all the time. better to avoid that specific order and wait till they not active.

They often only do one or two orders on the same item. If you have more orders the bot is making less profit and will harass somewhere else.

Bots are stupid. If you found one, just manipulate it so it buys your stuff overpriced and sells its underpriced.

Thanks for the feedback, fyi, have no idea how I would manipulate it but this does present and interesting challenge

If the bot is buying something, you go ahead and place a 1-unit buy order reasonably above the bot’s order and wait for it to follow. Repeat. Meanwhile you buy the sell orders already in the market to up the price. After the bot has followed you above the average price at which you have purchased the goods, you dump them on him for profit. Of course you’re gonna need starting isk to do that.

If the bot is selling, you do it the other way around, in this case you need stock to do it.

Don’t try it with products traded by a lot of players - like PLEX. Do it with a product for which the bots have already pushed the players away. There are ways to tell bot orders from player orders, you will find them in this forum.

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