Keeping track of completed orders?

So I’m starting to learn to trade (yes, I know, I will lose at first, most likely). Got me a spiffy spreadsheet of my orders and all. Problem is – how do you keep track of what is sold? Since I’m running missions at the same time, I still have a lot of (immediate) sold junk in my log, so I can’t see when my orders need to be restocked.

At the bottom of your Market Orders tab (Finance -> Market Orders), there is an “Orders Remaining” line. It will say something like “0 out of 19 max open orders”.

If (for instance) it says “3 out of 19 max open orders”, it means you have three unused orders.

If you know how many orders you had placed, you can do the math and know if you sold out of something.

There is also a subtab under Market Orders named “Orders History”. In there you can see completed orders.

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Thank you, that helps. I also found what I needed in EVEPortal (the hone app, of all things). It shows how much of my stack was bought

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You should consider using an app or bot to manage your market orders for day trading. The bots use esi to inform you when your market order is no longer lowest or you have run out of items.

The better ones will even provide you with a pasteable input for the eve client.

This is not against the rules, out of client automation is perfectly o.k and CCP even promote it by providing esi pulls out of client.

If not botting focus on low volume, high ROI items or long sells. You will go insane trying to keep pace with multi account botters & the margins are tiny on huge volumes. The end of .01 isking helped somewhat but I’d not last a week doing it manually playing agaonst scripters.


Having an automatic call occurring out-of-game using legal means to send you alerts about the game is not botting - as botting has explicit meaning in gaming that your use case is not approaching (in that botting in gaming specifically refers to automated in-game activity that emulates player actions). Please don’t use that term to describe any legal play; it only causes confusion.

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I make no distinction. ESI scrapping should be banned, it is as detrimental to the game as in client botting. I’d suggest letting ESI update once per day at down time to retain functionality of player assisting apps such as skill planners & structure organisers, the rest should be managed in game by people & not some script kiddy running an entire alliance of alts.

But fear not CCP has no interest in tackling either in game botting or out. As I have no interest in reporting RMT’rs or their great ISK offers.

Your best friend runs fine here with 50000 sales per day and lots of accounts, shows you all trades and assets with a zillion filter options.
Ingame asset lookup just locks every client instance for minutes,
database asset calls in the game have never really been worked on by CCP in nearly 2 decades.

Ingame asset/trade handling overview and lookup call time = Crap
Jeveasset = Good


Would you happen to have the names of any of these apps/programs btw? Or be able to DM them? Your absolutely right, it will quite literally drive you insane trying to make sure your order is still where you want it to be on various items in a single region, let alone 2 or more :weary: :tired_face: …if there are any go-to programs/bots/whatever besides EveMon I’m all ears :+1:

I ran my own out of game market bot for a short time.

Other bots are avaliable both in and out of game,

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maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places then?? idk… :man_shrugging:

TY again though :thumbsupparrot::+1:

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