Market tips, info, and discussion! And how to manage 15k orders! ...or less lol [graphs updated

Hi everyone! Starting a new thread here to update everyone on my market business. I will keep this updated on market trends, new video releases, and just a way for players that come to the tread to easily find out about my market activates to help them out either through asking me questions here or on my discord.

First about me. I have 15,000ish market orders. 400 billion revenue per month and about 100bil profit per month. 17 trade hubs with 915 to 1000 items in each trade hub. So i have access to lots of data on what items are selling and what doesn’t and how the market is doing overall.

I will be posting more videos and data graphs on different market items and regions to help out everyone in there trading so look for updates soon!

Updates: 8-18
Graphs below this post updated with some info and ship sales on profits

New Videos:

January through June market wrap up

My Spreadsheet setup update (7/20)

My youtube channel where you can find all my videos


Feel free to ask me questions here or on discord for market stuff or spreadsheet stuff!

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New Graphs (8-18): (right click open image in new tab to see bigger version)

T3 Sales all year and profit

Can see an uptick in trasactions end of them month so thats a good sign!


Ship profits (top) all year


Just curious, how are your standings at each trade hub?

Thank you for keeping Stacmon stocked up. \o/

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I use citadels so no standings needed or just the tax skills.

The 3 npc stations i do i have no faction standingsm. But when its 50% or more markup for prices a few % tax does not hurt too bad.

I was gonna say, at the NPC stations, we can help raise your corp AND faction standings

Yeah i saw the service for that. But i will eventually move those 3 market hubs into a citadel towards the end of the year.

Updated main post with new video links of 2 new videos released! Check them out.

New video upload on how I setup my spreadsheets to manage my markets.

How do you combat carpal tunnel updating so many orders?

I dont update orders i just restock them!

You use an out of game bot to update orders.

So you don’t update orders if someone comes in cheaper with a sizable amount of quantity? Aren’t you exposed to larger price movements in items, especially downward?

Sure. But with 15k orders hard to compete with all my items! Long as profits are staying same and or still rising its good then. I do keep eye on competition and habe competed several times with some regions against traders.

Its a slow moving sell off at times as well. Think of it as a large huge investment like stocks its not all going to pay off right away. Over time it will pay off substantially and its a long term investment.


No that would be against ccp game rules. I do it myself if i do it.

Makes sense to me, much appreciated!!

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Can you elaborate how your orders just don’t expire? I can’t imagine managing so many items and not updating orders. I trade in 3 hubs and honestly just to setup orders of all items takes quite a bit of time. If I don’t update my orders at the end of 3 months i would have to spend hours updating or lose it.

Every time I go to restock my items (usually once per week per trade hub) I just update my orders that are going to fall off in under 14 days. So if the order expires in 7 days I will just click on it, use the keyboard down arrow to drop it down to the next price point, and then click ok. It will then just set the order back to another 90 days before it falls off again.

I try to keep all my orders above the 14 day expire date. So anything under 14 days gets updated by like the 1isk. Then you have about another 2 weeks to go back in and do the others that will fall off in 14 days.

updated my channel on youtube for the update of my spreadsheet setup. Its linked in original post above.

How do you source all your items? Buy orders?