Free or lower modification fee of market orders that have been up 80 days +

Like the subject.

Can we remove or lower the fee for chaining market order that have been up for a very long time.
Don’t get me wrong i like the new change without the ISK wars.
But when you are selling items that usually take a long time to sell and market changes are huge over month then i think you should get a lower modify cost or it removed if orders been up for lets say 80 days.

Basically remove punishment from traders that sell expensive stuff and stuff that takes a long time to sell.


If the product doesn’t move in 90 days either the price is wrong, the location is wrong or the product is so thinly traded it’s time to consider offering something else or price the product so the reward for selling it offsets the risk the order will expire.

I don’t think the market should protect people who choose the wrong product, the wrong location or the wrong price!


Well what if I don’t want to trade in a main hub?

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Location is EXTREMELY important, as is demand, particularly in relation to price and existing supply (whether it is from market or self-procured) matter. An item won’t sell just because you want it to sell, ESPECIALLY if it isn’t in a trade hub.

Another thing: players are less likely to buy an item at a given location if they can’t conveniently buy several other items they need at the same location. So basically if you start up your own mini trade hub with a few hundred items then that increases the likelihood of any individual item being sold, all else being equal, especially if the items are related (eg. barges + strip miners + mining crystals + mining upgrades + mining drones)

I somewhat feel the pain of the OP, especially if you want to sell outside of a trade hub. Perhaps CCP should provide some in game tools that help us determine better if a particular location is suitable, currently we can only determine items sold on a regional basis, which doesnt make it easy for determining markets outside of a trade hub


Your choice and your risk. You’ve chosen the road less traveled don’t expect it to be paved!

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Why should CCP do what 3rd party devs can and already do better? CCP should focus their limited manpower on new content and improving existing content (eg. rebalancing), mostly the latter.

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Commit, or don’t bother at all.

What 3rd party applications are there to be able to to better interogate sales that dont just cover regions?

This is CCPs game, they should provide the tools we need, not 3rd parties. that my opinion, yours is obviously different

To be honest i still don’t get it, why is it so important that traders can’t trade were they want.
And tell me how my suggestion impact your gameplay in a negative way?

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You can trade where you want but, there is a reason why convenience stores charge higher prices and why they don’t sell perishable goods. You need to build a risk premium into your price - if customers aren’t willing to pay that premium, you need to rethink your business model.

Tell me how my suggestion impact your gameplay in a negative way?

Lower transaction fees apply to everyone. They are basically an “easy button” for players who don’t invest the effort to understand their market and product cycles. High fees reward knowledge and expertise. You need to get it right the first time!

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The funny thing is that you can’t answer the question because you are to busy to try to prove how intelligent you are.

Like I said in the beginning i don’t disagrees with CCP in regards to isk wars needs to be punished.
I just don’t agree that you should punish a player for not being “BIG BRAIN BOY” like you are and spend hours on doing “BIG BRAIN RESEARCH” =)

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It really isn’t that difficult. The market history tab in the market tool will tell you everything you need to know to decide whether your product will sell in this market and what price people are willing to pay - sales volume and price history. Your competition in that market pay the same transaction fees as you it’s a level playing field so you’re not being punished. You are asking for a reward - if you get that reward, so does everyone else - the playing field remains level as far as transaction fees are concerned but the cost of a poor decision is reduced.

For some reason this this video comes to mind when i’m reading your posts.

If your order just needs extended (with or without a price decrease) the relist fee is cheaper than letting the order expire and placing it again - since modifications reset the order duration. I don’t agree with getting a ‘free’ extension of time on market no matter how long your order is.

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Ok atleas you are arguing the point =)
As yes the relist fee is cheaper and my thought is that it was intended to hit isk war people.
So the outcome of this is that people who don’t want to do market in the trade hub will inadvertently get punished for trying to sell stuff in different places. Why would this be good?

Except you aren’t getting punished - you are getting a cheaper way to extend your order length vs having to let it expire and list it again (and paying full broker fee at that time).

Edit: basically, CCP decided nobody gets to have endless orders for free. If you want to have your order up past a single listing window, you have to pay the broker for their services. But, if you are needing to extend an existing order, we will let you extend it for a lower cost than having to start over - you just need to pay the broker fee difference if you decide to increase the order price.

The amount of the fee is not a problem for normal market situations, regardless of market location. There isn’t a legitimate reason to be constantly editing order prices where the fee would cut out your profits - price your products competitively to begin with and they will sell if there is demand.

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All of the market aggregators show system and station.

Which means that you can pull that data for any specific station, and then use just that data?