Can't figure new Market Out

I don’t have time for this, I am busy/gone for 3 months and the entire market game looks different?

Modify orders now cost 1%?
Can only increment by 100,000isk? (Is this based on percent/skill?)
My Buy order says 1.3%

My sales order still says 2.8% sales (expected for skills iv) and 3.77% for broker (expected for skills/standing).

What do I need to know for the market? Are there bugs? is this normal?

It is not normal, but this is what CCP wants now.

The only way to minimize losses to that ■■■■■■■■ fee is to create smaller orders and never modify them. It is such a superficial, annoying change. CCP claims this is to hurt the bots, but it affects literally everyone in the game


I’m not too butt hurt about that specifically. It’s inconvenient but makes the trading system more “dynamic”.

You have to strategize better. You can’t just brute force now with -0.01 drops.


You also can’t diversify your portfolio because, before, when I had 1/150 orders dedicated to one item I now have to dedicate many more slots to that single one item. Additionally, with margin trading gone, I am putting up 100% of the money into buy order escrow, which compounds the problem of buy order diversity. Maybe it “fixes” .01 isking (didn’t know that was a problem. I thought that is how markets worked), but it introduces a new problem of committing multiple order slots to the same item…again that is not normal.

All I am doing is answering your question … no this is not normal lol

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It never really have been, as far as I’m aware. I personally believe it’s mainly to combat market automation above all else, now the first change, the increased npc fees, is to push marketeers to use player stations instead of NPC ones.

The relisting fee doesn’t affect most traders, as 85% of orders does not get modified.

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I was worried about these changes after they were introduced, but honestly it hasn’t changed the bases of much of the market. Just seems to be fewer orders across the board. Which is not bad cause it lets you focus on a specific area of the market. Additionally, if you post a sale order there are not 10 orders that pop up below yours within 5 minutes, again a plus.


This is also turning out to be my experience so farr

you say 85% CCP says 94% which is it?

The rule is, you can increment on the 4th digit of the price. So people can actually 0.01 ISK on minerals, or anything that costs less than 100 ISK :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the specifics! Didn’t realize it was that kind of a mechanic. Figured it was a percentage.

This then; didn’t remember how high it was just that it was a high number :smile:

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just bustin ya nuts…:smiley:

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