EVE market modify order

I’m half tempted to post this as a bug report, except that I’m pretty sure it’s intentional.

WTF CCP!? I’m fairly certain this used to cost me 100 isk to modify. If it’s designed to stop the market bots, it’s not working. Within a few seconds of posting my order, it was one upped by someone else. Within the hour, 5 other orders had better prices than mine.

PLEASE REMOVE THIS CANCER! One of eve’s best features has been its market. This rubbish is terrible.

Its been changed like that for a while. They tied broker/relist fees to unmodified standings.

At level 5 broker relations, your fee is at 1.5%. The lowest you can get is 1.0%, and that is done by getting the corp and faction to 10 in standings. Corp = .2% while faction is .3%

Advanced broker relations, lowers your relist fee.

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I’m aware they changed it a while back… I was hoping they would fix it. It cost me 2 million to list it in the first place and then they want to charge me another million to modify a sub 100 million isk order? Do they really care about player retention?

It’s like they’re trying to drive away players. I understand that they need isk sinks, but this gouging is not the way to do it. Broker fees should be tied to the final sale / buy price.

I also hate it…
In the mean time you pick a good price and let it sit.
It will either sell or expire. Constant price modifications and you will be selling at a net loss.


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