Modifying order, can end up "modified" back to the SAME price, and CHARGE you a modification fee

Modifying order, can end up “modified” back to the SAME price, and CHARGE you a modification fee

Due to the new market price order levels, it can end up “modified” back to the same price as it currently is and you still get screwed (charged) on a fee.

That’s bad.

I’d rather have my orders blocked for few hours than have this stupid fees. It ruined part of my game.

I set the time duration on my market orders for a couple weeks and just let it run out. I then check prices and adjust as needed when I relist the orders. Seems to work pretty good for me, course I do my Trade in Rens hub.

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It’s not the fee, it’s the fact that it didn’t actually change the price I wanted, it flipped back to the same price it was, so unchanged but still got the fee.

If it was forced changed back to the same price it shouldn’t charge a fee since it wasn’t modified.

It depends on what kind of trading you do, part of my activities were untouched by this, others were anihilated, particularly when prices are dropping.

It’s the fact that it DID NOT CHANGE the price, but it charged a fee as if it did.

It has nothing to do with what kind of trading you do, it is simply the fact it changes the price to go to the fixed level, in this case it went back to the SAME price! (then charged for chaning the order).

Well, in fact you changed the price but it moved back because of the rounding system. It happend to me a couple of time on large orders, ouch.

The result was it didn’t change the price, it was the SAME price, in that case it shouldn’t charge for it since it wasn’t effectively changed.

I understand, but it works this way now, that’s why i hate those fees, you can get screwed for a misclick.

Which is why I list orders for short term duration and then reset price with the new orders. If there’s a lot of competition with large price fluctuation then just set the Order listing for a really short time duration. Doesn’t matter if miss out on a few sales. Basically bypass CCP’s BS Broker relist fee’s.

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The price might have stayed the same because you made a mistake, but it updated the listed time frame, so it did indeed update the order. Be more careful, problem solved :smiley:

Either i’m the dumbest trader in New Eden for not knowing that broker fees are reimbursed when orders expire, or… jeez, you ‘bypass’ the relist tax by relisting goods and paying the full broker fee? Genius…

well perhaps it should cancel the change in that case, and not modify the time frame either.

How are your standings with the corp/faction where you are trading?

It is nothing to do with standings, it’s not about the amount of fee, it’s about the fee being applied when the price was not changed at all.

I wasn’t talking to you

Well, when I posted it didn’t show whom you were replying to.

Might be a good idea to submit a Support Ticket and Bug Report.

Player structures only.

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