Omega's Going Broke

The new broker fee’s are killing me.
You can’t modify your orders or you will go broke faster than a loot pinata in a 0.5 system.
This is the biggest isk sink ever created.
How are you supposed to use the market now?
[Removed some rule breaking text - ISD Dorrim Barstorlode]

Dont engage in price wars. Sell sensible quantities at a time. Price smartly.


Place your items at a reasonable price and don’t modify it. If you are getting undercut then you are not at a reasonable price or you have too much competition.

Adapt to the changes.


Sell PLEX to open buy orders.


Don’t support the new terrible system. Stop using the market.




Survival of the fittest - trader edition. Sounds fine to me.


Use your brain. Instead of mindless 0.01 isk upping, now you have to plan ahead. Market trading is a thinking man’s game now.


what if u go crazy before they do

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In essence: Less market PVP. Good to know.

Just means you have to think ahead regarding where prices may go and sell smaller stacks of items. Or try to advertise your wares on your bio or something and trade with players via contract.

Honestly it punishes mindless traders this way and means more risk/reward. I thought it was going to be horrible but it turns out to be quite good.


you can

Goal achieved


PvP Trader Wars, we are shooting each other now :smiley:
Its great fun !


Rule breaking or something you don’t want to read…?

Something they didn’t like.
NPC’s blowing up miners, NPC’s mining out your belts ahead of you.
They are making it very hard to make isk now.
Now they screwed station traders.
What is next…
You mine a rock and it sucks the isk from your wallet?

They blame botters for everything…something you cannot really prove…easiest possible exit for any change to the worse…


Yup… They used the botting excuse for this market change to shut down the players who were laying on their market orders all day long and making it extremely difficult for others to sell… Players weren’t going to spend all their time in the game relisting orders to compete with it, so they have been complaining to CCP that they are up against bots when they are actually up against players doing it… Limiting relisting to 2 or 3 per day would have worked to stop that market behavior without screwing over everyone’s ability to compete with other orders…


They already banned market bots for years, so they seem to exist?

Wherer in the statement did they say, that they do it for the bots only? Dont get me wrong, it does also hit the bots, but it mainly removes a boring mechanic. Before it wasnt about the price, but how often you edit your orders, the biggest autist won.
Now you actually need to think about the price and the person that can price items best will gain the most profit, which sound like much better gameplay.


Black holes…that’s it! That’s the next big thing!