New market update potential economy collapse

Dear fellow capsuleers,
upon reading the new patch notes and reviewing them in-game I think there might have been an oversight on part of the development team responsible for “balancing” the market. All the changes make sence, but the added costs of updating an order, which came with the requirement of an order having only 4 distinct numbers that can be modified, cause the following problem as well as many others:
It costs a 400 000 isk to update an order of 20 mil isk total. There is no real sustainable way of profiting now with at least partial certainty. Once you buy something and plan to sell it, it requires several calculations to see if it is profitable AT THAT EXACT MOMENT. Price shifts caused by high isk update costs and update fees can cause a 500 000 isk difference between a sell and buy order to still be unprofitable. With these calculations in mind, only one possible outcome can be: Overuse of trading bots with neural networks that monitor the prices of items and number of sales per several days and create a complex algoryth that a human can not calculate and update in real time.

Lets present this with an example:
Original item buy price: 1 075 000 isk / unit
Original item sell price: 1 317 000 isk / unit

price of setting an order of buying 20 units: 937 000 isk
cost of updating an order of that size appx: 16 000 isk update cost
400 000 isk brokers fee
The prices of selling said items would be about the same, but do require about 3-5 updates to buy and sell. That would leave us with the formula of:
2 x 937 000 + 20 x (1 075 000) + (4 x 2) x (16 000 + 400 000) =>
buy price with both feex for simplicity = 26 702 000 isk
the outcome of selling the order is than simple =>
1 317 000 x 20 = 26 340 000
Before the update a sale like this would be highly profitable, but now it leaves us with a total loss of 362 000 isk note that I am aware of the added costs of 5% per sale and buy, but that only causes further isk loss for us, the players. Not every player will be calculating isk and both new and old players will go bankrupt without knowing what they did wrong.
We are at serious risk of ruining the ecoomy of EVE. Our options are to either revert the update or create a calculator program with these variables in mind.
Please reply with your comments on the matter or if you found a technical error in my calculation or my general statement.

John Marcuss


One day passed, did economy crash?
That’s just “there will be no mining” in new form.


We need to wait for ±3 months before we can see the real effect.


There is lots of station traders which have stock of trillions of mineral units,do not fear - Have a beer.
One will always get the isk liquid from traders and a place to dump stuff, rest assured.

In 0sec there is lots of daily ship trashing, demand for stuff is a common need since the beginning of EvE.

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That’s where you are wrong. Most orders won’t get updated at all. And what’s more, most orders are not made from BO - actually they are the same.

So most players won’t even notice a difference, except that they are no more cut by 0.01 isk and so their orders are gone faster.

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To be fair, the forge lost nearly 6000 orders in a day. It’ll be interesting to see what the total order count is at the end of the 3 month period. I’ve shut down operations in 3 of the smaller hubs (and unsubbed 8 omega accounts) at least until everything settles because there’s too much risk for the low volume markets.


I hope youll be back in buisness soon. The hubs are a problem, since as far as i know the patch notes stated that all revenue would be cut by half. My large scale trading has also been disbanded for the time being.

Lol ?

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Perhaps i should rephrase that. What it really says is that half of the earnings of sail taxes from stations will be given to the npcs as a “isk sink”


I wonder Wich npc will take that taxes if someone decide to place a market hub in a wh for his alliance?

no one, that player corp decides

It was definitely either a complete lie or a complete mistake.

Also it’s still wrong as the structures that had less than 0.5% tax will all have more taxes for the owner by now.

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No I mean with current patch, half the earning from player owned market goes to an NPC. In hisec or low/null it can be the closest or the main territory the market is placed . But what about wh?

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Im pretty sure the NPC isnt a person.


If you sell stuff that has enough demand it will be sold sooner or later even if you not changing the price all the time. If you were smart enough to figure out what you need to sell, there was no need of the 0.1 game in the past either. This change will make more wide range in prices, instead in past where you can calculate everything easily, and it will make harder for people who not know what to manufacture and sell and where to do it, and they just want to sell random stuff by listing items on other people’s market and play the 0.1 game.


Ok, by this point its kinda clear that english isnt my first language

Don’t worry about it was just a light hearted joke not meant to be offensive or anything. :slight_smile:


Oh no it was really funny :slight_smile: im not offended or anything, im sorry if it sounded that way