[Proposal] Market Order Cooldown

Eve boasts one of the most realistic and dynamic economies ever created in any simulation in general. One thing I don’t understand about the eve economy is why we allow .01 isk market trading to dominate the larger market hubs. To me, it seems a simple fix to improve market gameplay would be to dramatically extend the cooldown for modifying market orders. With a 2 hour cooldown on modifying a given market order, .01 isking as a means of competition would no longer be viable. The code is already in the game for cooldowns, it would simply be a matter of dramatically extending them. If I had my way, you would have to wait 24hrs before modifying again, but I understand making smaller changes as a means of testing.


So, what will avoid people to break it in smaller ammount orders? There’s already a 4 minutes cooldown and they already do that.

How about introducing a flat fee for market order based on item price in addition to the broker fee based on total asking price. This way it will be less efficient to break your stuff into smaller orders and hit them directly in the wallet for doing it.

Its a good way… I would say that…
If each update costs a little fee… People will wait and update them less often…
ex: You’re selling 10.000 units of something and a guy outbid you with 0.01 isk with 100 units… You don’t need to update your price… just wait… But today as there’s no cost, you will update and outbid the poor guy.

You could make them repay the broker’s fee every time if you wanted to get aggressive about it.

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all i read is “waaaa I’m lazy”

More like, waaaa, I don’t like competing against people’s market bots and have better things to do than update orders all day. I think this is one of those changes that even people who partake in .01 isking will come to appreciate. Updating market orders is not compelling gameplay.

And yes, the bulk of the updating is certainly done by bots. I’m only an amateur programmer and I’m fairly certain I could write a bot to update orders.

So you make a typo, entering 1,000,000 instead of 100,000. Other traders now have 2 hours to bankrupt you. Awesome!

As others have noted, people will just do multiple orders for the same item.

If you don’t like competing in the market, then don’t. Leave it to those of us who have figured out how to make it work, and accept the trade off between updating frequently and profits.

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I like the .01 isk game. Helps bring prices down sometimes.

PVP market its it.
Win the last one who get tired updating prices… :slight_smile:

You could still take the order down and repost it. The problem is free update I think. Maybe if the market charged you a portion of the broker’s fee.

Okay, so now I’ll just use a bunch of small orders and delete/repost as necessary.

What problem is this solving again?

Now you’re paying the broker fee over and over and .01 isking is taking a huge chunk of your margin, most likely you’re no longer making a profit.

A side benefit of eliminating .01 isking is reduced server load btw.

I rather enjoy it. Like most things in eve, just because YOU don’t like it, that don’t mean others don’t as well.

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Commodity markets are cyclical. The .01 game can only go on so long before people get tired of losing money - then the market will bounce back. Position yourself to catch the bounce.

Um, EVE wants to have somewhat RL-like market… where much crazier ■■■■ than mere 0.01$ price difference happens constantly. Have you ever gambled on stocks (or food, ore, minerals, … )? Jita is NOTHING compared to that.

If you can’t stand Jita, put stuff for trade in less active hubs like Rens or Dodi. Unsure what you are selling, but if you sell your daily production, just correct the old orders when you bring the fresh stuff.

Market bots are something CCP is taking a look at. I think that will likely resolve this problem rather than adding a cool down to make things longer and more of a pain in the ass for players doing this manually.


Yes yes yes and yes again Brisc.
I mean I do understand his concern, but as a few years trader now, it will just kill the my joy if it was change to 2 or even 24hrs.
Even with the 0.01 isk war I see dumb people doing 1 isk changes, or even breaking the prices, so what would that really change ? Real player getting frustrated cause they can not play it as they want.

As someone said, if you don’t like it then quit it. It’s the same for any activities in Eve, rewarding for those who can be online. And then you’re speaking about trading but this way of thinking could apply to everything ! Why not forbid pilots to mine more than 2 hours a day to prevent overflooding ore market ? No I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s a good proposition to solve the issue.

Since when is 0,01 trading an issue? If there’s one thing that actually does work in this game, it’s the markets.

If you want to do passive low effort trading, then do it on slow moving long term items.

Active trading is a viable thing to do in Eve, and yes… it does favour those who are autistic enough to constantly update their orders. Want your share of those profits? Then start doing it yourself as well.

I keep hearing about supposed bots in the market, but I have yet to really see this myself. Perhaps I’m just naive or ignorant, or perhaps I’m trading in stuff that don’t really get the bots. Regardless, I manage to update 20+ different items with 4-7 buy/sell orders in order to constantly be on top. It takes a lot of effort, and I can’t stand doing it for extended periods of time. But… it also comes with decent rewards while doing it.

TDLR: Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken.

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