[SERVICE] Full scale Market Hub! I'll build you a full market! (over 5,000 active orders!)


I am the sole founder and marketing tycoon of New Eden Trade and Market. I’m reaching out to you because I am looking to expand my full scale market to 0.0. If you have a need for a market with over or most of all the items listed then I am the service for you!

Our first Market has increase the activity and enjoyment of the Placid Region! Kills are up, activity is up, and more fun is being generated because of a solid market! Also our trade hub is in the top 10 of EVE Mogul for trading! Check out Stacmon solar system to see my market in action!

Check out our Talking in Stations interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEeVtSV70lQ

Now with the ability to see what is out of stock on every character within Minutes!!! This gives me the power to update any market I create daily to keep the items flowing!!! No matter if its 4,100 orders or if its 10,000 orders! My master spreadsheet system can handle it all fast!!!

  • !!!Currently Hosting 5,000 market orders! (can host many more than this) Will the market you need be next?!!!

  • Over 250billion in market orders seeded on the market*

  • Estimated transaction totals (Since using EVE-Mogul) 1Trillion isk bought and sold*

  • Over 76 Billion in profits!

The markets I can build are huge scale markets with over 4k items available in one station. Each updated weekly. I am currently able to scale well past 4k available orders. This will insure your coalition, alliance, and renters will have access to the items they need when they want them. My newest system I have created I can find out what is low and out of stock within 5-10 minutes for over 4k+ orders so no market is too big for me!

My market will increase player activity in your regions. No more losing a ship and not having the available mods to refit a new one. Your members and new members will not need to wait for contracts to be delivered with there stuff to play the game and have fun.

This will also encourage more pvp. Players will not have to fear the dreaded losing a ship and then having to piece together a whole new ship with whats available to them or what is over priced.

Market price normalization. With one entity selling everything the market will not be over priced. Your members will have prices that are fai. This saves them isk in the long run and helps your organization flourish easier and faster.

Not only will we help your members get access to what they want or need but this will also help any renters you may have. My markets will entice renters to rent from you. When they can move out and buy what they need and have access to what they need via the market. They can get setup quickly and will be happier and stay longer.

Profits! You get a cut of all profits from the market! The percentage is negotiable for what is fair for both parties. You also get a percentage of all other markets owned and operated by New Eden Trade and Market!

New Eden Trade and Market is solely owned and will always be. This is to make sure all assets, stations, and isk is safe from other players. My system of managing many thousands of market orders has been refined to a process that is simple and easy. This will make sure your market and all others are updated and refreshed fast and weekly!

Check out our fully functional market in placid to see what we can do for you!

To inquire about pricing and me setting up your market mail Eden Trade!

Type of Markets and Cost

Small Market Cost and Breakdown (To see it in action visit Merolles or Hatakani)

  • 3 Characters
  • 900 Market orders
  • The 900 market orders covers all T1 and T2 Mods and Missile bays under Ship Equipment. Except Capital, Turrets, Smartbombs, and a several others mods that are low sellers not needed to stock. This also covers command burst, mining crystals, scripts, repair paste, probes, and cap boosters.

Above Cost:

9 Billion for skill injected characters
15-20 Billion for mods listed above (depending on market cost and things can be cut if you dont think you need them)

Full Market Cost and Breakdown - To see it in action visit (Stacmon)

  • 9 Characters (2,700 market orders)
  • Everything under ship equipment listed (minus a few things such as hull reps, some capital mods)
  • All Ammunition & Charges (minus faction ammo only one Race of faction ammo listed for each type)
  • All Rigs Small-Medium sized (minus a few like Drone rigs they dont really sell or are used)
  • A ships from shuttles to BC (ship types carried can be adjusted)
  • Structure Equipment for citadels
  • Deployable Structures
  • Abyssal Filaments
  • ICE products (non-meth ice)
  • Advanced Components
  • Datacores
  • Advanced Moon Materials
  • Drones (all drones including Combat, Electronic, Logistics, Mining, Salvage)
  • Fighters (minus Heavy Fighters and a few other types)
  • All T3 and Sub systems

The above can be picked apart and you can essentially choose what you want for your market!

Above Cost

  • 9 Characters injected 27ish billion
  • 50-60 Billion (everything above minus ships)
  • 20 Billion or more with ships including

Total Cost Close to 110 Billion With all the above

** Prices can be dropped as in you dont need or want all this stuff etc.

Contact Eden Trade chat or mail, Join the channel New Eden Trade and Market, or join the Discord New Eden Trade and Market https://discord.gg/MJGSudP (if i’m at my RL job it will take me a bit to reply or if i’m sleeping etc. etc.)

Still looking for partners who need a large scale market in their space! :slight_smile:

Still seeking someone that needs my service, looking to expand, come let me build your market for you :slight_smile:

Still seeking people who need a fully stocked market for their alliance, renters, or coalition!

Need a fully stocked market let me know!

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I am interested please let me know via evemail message more details, ty

Just saw your message will do sir!

Will do sir!

o/ fly safe

This service is still here! I can now update orders at faster than light speed! I can go through 3200 market orders and find out what is out of stock in under 1min!!! Now I can keep a market built for you running faster and in stock easier!

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Need a market for your alliance? Hit me up! Let me make it!

136k market transactions this year!

Anyone need a market?

Need a market for your 0.0 space? Contact me!

your discord link is broken please update :slight_smile:

Check out our Talking in stations Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEeVtSV70lQ

should be fixed sir!

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still offering this service now hosting 5,000 orders!

This service is still active!

Can Vouch For OP ^