Looking for eve web Developer [Creation of Market/Trading Site/and more]


I’m looking for someone or a group that is good with working with the EVE ESI to help create a market tool. This will be based off of my current “spread sheet” system that I use for running my 12,000 market orders. However I want to start to automate this (if possible) so I am doing less work. Once the process I use for updating and filling my market out of stocks and checking for any errors (duplicate orders, ccps less than adequate corporate order system not displaying all orders) I would like to then start adding more features and bells and whistles to it and then eventually make it open to the public to use.

I have the core of what I want and can run whoever through how it should work or at least how I update and check my out of stocks for my markets (they you can develop from how I currently do it). Then you take how I do it (via my spreadsheet system) translate it into an online version that pulls from each of my trade characters and corporation.

Some core things that you would need to be able to create/do (first version):

  • Pull corporation/character orders.
  • Creation a regional list of items that I want to keep stocked within the region (shopping list).
  • Check those orders (shopping list) between regional hubs/locations against the characters that are setup to trade in those areas to find the out of stock items.
  • Creation of shopping list per trade character/per hub that can then be copied directly from site and then pasted into multi buy in EVE.
  • Pull buy orders and then have the ability to group buy orders by regional trade area and then when items sell site takes sell price minus buy price spits our profit for trade hub.

Above is the basics of what I am looking for (i know its more complex than this short post). If you have the skills to create this from start to finish that is what I am looking for. Then general maintenance after the creation and further development of new features afterwards. So long term project!

Paying in ISK. Will discuss prices and bids privately with anyone that contacts me.


Oh yeah contact me Eden Trade in-game or My discord Eden Trade#7009

still looking

Have you looked into just using https://www.eve-mogul.com/#/home

I use it but i’m looking to make something much more advanced really!

Still looking!

Still looking!

Yup still looking!

still looking for someonenor a group of programmers etc.

Contact me in game and we can discuss this and figure out pricing.

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