Looking for: ESI + Webdev

Hi all,

I’ve been facing a problem since the introduction of ESI and i can’t get it to work due to fact i don’t have code knowledge.

What do i want, or what are my wishes;
In short, i want a shoppinglist creation tool/website that compares two markets and returns the most ‘profitable’ items.

It all seems so easy to setup, but ofcourse there are some more wishes to it.

  1. The tool or website needs to have an option to login or authorize multiple characters/accounts, due to the fact that i’ve more trade characters.

  2. The ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ station or citadel needs to be variable, or let’s say, the station or citadel my characters are in are the stations or citadels they are trading in and i need to select if they are buying or selling.

  3. I would love to have something that gives me an amount i need to buy based on historic data from a specific region.

  4. I never wanna buy-in what i already have on the market, so the active orders needs to be excluded from the list.

  5. The profit needs to be calculated on actual amount of items that are for sell for a certain price, so i’m sure there is a profit to be made on all pieces.

  6. There need to be a option i can sort by ISK profit based on volume (in size ships repackaged) or were i give in the amount of ISK a single m3 costs me to transport, i am using freighter services for it.

If you think you can help me with my wises or if you have better ideas and we can come together to get it done, please contact me by sending an in-game mail!

I think we can figure a way out!

Kind regards,



Bump, still looking.

Send eve mail.

replied in-game

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