Trading tool:

The online trading tool/site got updated. It constantly gets the latest available prices across various trading stations and offers the following search criteria:

  • By max cargo space
  • By max invested ISK
  • By starting (buy) and end (sell) stations
  • By jump count (route length), having the selected route safety preference

The search results may be fltered by:

  • Region
  • Station
  • System
  • Item

It displays how may items purchase for how much ISK:

The results are also charted to show profit per ivestment, you can click a chart bubble to jump to the trade details.

Please come and enjoy:

Any suggestions for improvement are welcome.


First few UX things I noticed.

Most important is easier item name copying. I’m not a web designer but (if memory servers me right) I saw on other websites when information is automatically copied to your clipboard. Either by mouse click or a button. Something to consider.

Second is “item count” summary. I’m dumb and don’t go well with math. For people like me it would be easier to see total number of items to sell, haul whatever. Rather than doing numbers in mind or bringing calculator. Also would help when someone else buys part of the stock in the same moment and orders on website don’t match up with in game info. For example you can buy whole stock for that one tick higher price without doing extra math.

oh, and volume per one unit of said item. help to do math when picking up multiple items in same run.

On the side note. Arbitrage is quite dead. Even with perfect tax and going thru LS it’s hard to get even past 1 mil/jump. Sad…

Thanks for the feedback. I am planning to use ESI to make it possible for players to use Eve account to login and then by clicking on the item name, make it open inside Eve UI. ESI says it’s possible, will give it a try. Also supposedly it allows you to set destination within Eve UI, so if I make the destination clickable, should be pretty helpful.

IMHO Arbitrage is far from dead, made a few billion actually on it. Getting in-game mails with thanks, saying others did too.
Re passing 1 mil/jump - please use the site and see for yourself, in example filtering by jump count=1, getting lots of 2 mil/jump opportunities.
Sometimes you just need to wait, hunt for an opportunity… Arbitrage is far from dead I’d say… :slight_smile:

Thanks again for an elaborate feedback.

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