EVE Trade V4.1.x Released

Hey all!

I am the primary developer behind EVE Trade (recently mentioned in the This Week in EVE Blog).

The application’s core functionality is in:

  • Finding the best hauling trades between stations (buying low and selling high)
  • Finding the best margins if you are a station trader (placing buy orders and then sell orders).

It’s been a year long side project that I’ve finally had the time to work on. I have been slowly transitioning the application over to the ESI API as well as taking user provided feedback and updating the UI. With the release of 4.1.1 I have transitioned over 75% of our calls from Crest to ESI and updated our UI in accordance with user feedback.

I am happy to announce that as I have started to migrate out the kinks in the system. I would love any constructive criticism on the application.

Thanks. Fly safe o7


Wow nice page. Love it.


I checked out the tool, very nice. Are there any plans to add a volume column? This would make it easier to eliminate those items whose buy orders may never fill.

Hey Sokoton,

I’ve been considering it as the next task since I’ve finished the overhaul. It’s primarily been an ask for station trading. Is this correct for your ask as well? I do not want to clutter the hauling chart any further for small screens.

Similar to volume would be the medium / average prices for fulfilled orders… that I can see buy/sell only items