Evebroker.com - another market tool ... with a unique feature!

Dear Pilots,

I want to advertise another 3rd party market tool to all players: evebroker.com

Currently it consists of three main features:

  • Market: EVE Online™ updates its market ESI-API every 5 minutes. And we have it all nice and fresh for you after max. 5 seconds, querying and processing millions of orders and delivering them to you in mere seconds! Never again loose profit because you were using a slower competitor.
  • Reselling: EVEBroker constantly analyzes and monitors the whole market - and calculates all possible deals (buy cheap, sell expensive)! We even factor in the range settings to help you drop off the cargo with far less jumps! No, you dont have to configure a thing, no market knowledge required.
  • Pure comfort: For sure you can copy&paste everything into EVE Online like the others. Or you log in with your EVE Online Account via SSO and use powerfull tools like: setting waypoint.

Currently in implementation:

  • Notify users via browser if possible reselldeals are located on the ingame route. Usage: keep evebroker.com open in the browser, login in, play eve, browser pings/notifies you of possible deals on your route.


  • classify reselldeals if suspicious (low quantity item(local and overall), buy&sell order close in time created (pirates are lazy), destination is a “dead end”-system(easy to bubble), profit is a massive outlier (attract prey), few jumps inbetween (lazy pirates), minVolume is set at buy-order(with the right skills there is no money to be paid))
  • whitespot analysis: list items in regions which are not seeded but have potential buyers, based on history
  • Pilot(1) requested Darkmode

Done (since the initial post):

  • Provide SSO-Login to set ingame waypoints (1 sprint).

Please feel free to use this thread to provide feedback, post bugs, mention suggestions or request features!

Best Wishes,

Have been advertising a bit in eve and got very good feedback, dare to form your own opinion!

First sprint is done, login capabilities and first comfort-functionality (setWaypoint) implemented. Dare to try!

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