My first market tool, open for suggestions

Went live with my first shot at a new market tool, hope this will help all new/experienced players. You can read more on the website but the TLDR is a site that calculates the best items to trade per region every day.


Again, open to any suggestions or improvements as this will really help shape the tool.

Parse the buy order returns into a humanly logical format, not just the raw return, and for the love of god use digit group separators! 11111111111111111111111111 is a lot harder to read than 11,111,111,111,111,111,111,111,111.

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As Krysenth said, make it human readable.

Item: 40520 | Large Skill Injector

Average Market Throughput: 200861472104.76 ISK/day

Margin: 4.04%

  1. Hide technical IDs
  2. Digit grouping
  3. Consider sales taxes and broker fees, 4% are gone rather fast

The TypeIDs can be useful for some people. Using a 5-8 digit number vs what could be a 40-50 character long name is easier for a few things. Additionally, sales taxes and broker fees are highly variable character to character. Having a margin value instead would be able to show people whether it falls below their minimum spread levels. For example, I dont bother with anything less than 7%, or I stall out my price changes on things I have listed, and wait for the market to bounce back in my favor. Mind, that 7% does also cover both sides of the transaction.

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