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Hi, I’m kinda new to the market game. I have been doing it for about a month now. I turned 200mil into about 3bill in a month or so. So I get the point of trading but still is a lot of work.

I have tried to look at old threads for certain market tools and tips and tricks but a lot of them are out dated or do not work right now.

Can anyone give me some advise on the to use to evaluate my buy and sell order and to see how much profit or potential profit I can make on an item? Anything would be great! Thanks.

I have to give a plug to Paneden, which since the demise of Eve-Central is, to me, the best market aggregator out there right now.

It’s fast, clean and easy to use.

It doesn’t have an API, but you can set up market notifications and customize the home-page display to stuff you care about.

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Well that is one I haven’t tried but it can it see my history or activity?

Not yet, I don’t think. It’s pretty new. I just like it because it does the basic market aggregation functions quite well, and very quickly. If you need more features, it’s probably not for you. Yet.

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I heard eve mogul is pretty good. You have to pay isk to get access to the full scope of the website though, i believe.

paneden can not show me prices of Prototype ‘Hercules’ Cerebral Accelerator, for example. It is current event item, whose price changes hour to hour very rapidly. But can.

I recommend
Light, fast it does whats intended :sunglasses:

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