Paneden Market Data Aggregator -- Now With Notifications and Full 15-Year Historic Data

It’s been over 6 months since I initially launched Paneden, and in that time I’ve been working on sorting out some bugs/performance issues and adding new features. I’m feeling pretty good with where the project is at now.

Some new features I’ve added to the site:

  • Complete historical market data (since 2003)
  • Ability to create notifications (email/discord/slack/SMS/custom webhook) for any market item

As always I welcome feedback and bug reports.


A shame that the data is displayed in pages instead of a long list. Makes looking for things a lot less convenient.

At the top of the data table is a menu to choose how many rows you would like to display. The default is 50 but you change it to ‘All’ to show every order on one page.

There is also a search box up there that you can use to filter the results. This updates the orders displayed as you type.

Thanks for this! I was using eve-marketdata, which served my purposes, but timed out way to frequently. Your interface is better, faster and reliable. Nice work!

Anyone else getting the 500 error on the webpage ?

Yes it errors out…

@MirandaLM Are you planing on fixing the site or is it dead ?

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