Any information on when the website (eve-marketdata.com) is going to start updating the prices again ?
(Its not working atm thats for sure)



This has been essentially dead for quite a while- not sure if it came back to life at some point recently.

As an alternative, I’ve been using (and prefer) https://evemarketer.com


there’s also https://market.fuzzwork.co.uk/


Some EMD tools have been taken over at https://www.adam4eve.eu/

@Leah_Crowleymass it has been working fine until 5737 min ago


@Steve_Ronuken Alldow i love the work you do Your website is just to white (it screams at you from any side monitor)

https://evemarketer.com has been my backup site as eve-marketdata.com can be a bit moody :stuck_out_tongue:

atm iam looking at https://www.paneden.com/types/44992 that i found in here 5737 min ago And it looks pretty good so far (whould have set #131313 as the bg color if i had any say in it )


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