EVEMarketer & eve-marketdata.com no longer working

Havent been able to get either of these to work lately, anybody know when they will be back up and running

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CCP decided to revoke all market data api for an upcoming pay per request model to get the data. New ownership looking at ways to increase monetization and improve functionality.

Didn’t understand what you said. Can u please explain?

so ccp wants us to pay for the data now

If they get too greedy, people will get pissed about being nickle and dimed.

He is trolling you about paying for data. Market websites take a lot of work and time. Try out adam4eve.eu

I just used Evemarketer and it’s working just fine for me.

No longer shows player owned structure sell orders

Oh dang…I hadn’t even noticed.

yup Evemarketer is working again, must of just been a hiccup

Looks like evemarketer is showing sell orders from player structures

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