EveMarketer Not Working

Can anyone please tell me why EveMarketer isn’t showing any details? Is there any problem with the site?

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I find this claim a bit dubious, though, because my spreadsheets still work.

CCP has changed the api url, and that may be the source of the problem if others have not updated it for themselves.


I’m pretty sure that was a joke. No sources I could find to back that one up, at least.

@Salazar_Niminen, the EveMarketHelper website has also been having problems the last few days. If the api url has changed, that would explain a lot.

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For people who need to know what the old/new URLs are:


Works fine for me.

It is working for me again, also. Perhaps it was a temporary glitch, or they finally got around to updating their urls.

Yep. It’s working again.

not work again, uff

Why do you think services like this stay non-paid?

It’s all under Pearl abyss now and -i said this months ago now- they will juice the game in EVERY sector they can…

This is just the beginning and some people still don’t see loot boxes on the horizon…

I have no clue why posting is free. They should sell ‘post packs’ of $10 for 100, $25 for 250 and $50 for 500 posts. The rest has read-only. MEFNA! Make EVE Forums No-Poors Again ! Also they can sell those MEFNA! caps and t-shirts on the store. :slight_smile:

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