Evemarketer down for several days

I’ve been getting “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable” for several days now in Eve Marketer. Does anyone have any information related to their outage?

Same here

yup yup


the back up


Thank you! Didn’t realize just how much I leaned on this tool. Particularly for price setting!

Thanks man



I researched and the only contact info I can find is via the whois info which is notorious for having invalid information. I emailed the admin/tech contact anyway in the hopes that it’s easily (and quickly) resolved.

I’m not real hopeful though as the whois information looks woefully out of date.



lets hope @Aplulu will have it up and running again soon :slight_smile:

i dont see the 503 anymore :smiley:

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Imagine being harassed by people because you put up a free service.

Happy it is working again, but this is not exactly CCP related. There is a site on the forums 3rd Party Developers use for these kinds of tools that these enterprising individual create for EVE.

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The life of a 3rd party dev. You start by making a fun personal project, you decide to make it public, add a few cool public features. People integrate your service so far into their gameplay that you ruin their whole experience when you decide to move on.

hehe iam just happy Aplulu is not totaly fedup with us yet :heart:

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