Eve marketer problem

Whats wrong with the eve marketer web page?Doesn t work for me…Its sais that the web server is down.

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Maybe ask the people that runs it? Got nothing to do with CCP.

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ohh.I though the web page was run by CCP.

It is down, use fuzzwork instead.


evemarketer is down, it said that the server host is not working right now, will that be fixed. If so how long will it take?

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Seriously… Who you asking that? Ask the 3rd partry that hosted it.

Got nothing to do with CCP.

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That’s not working for me either, is it a Windows-only thing ? (I’m on Linux).

I think there is an issue with the ESI servers that the 3rd parties get there data from.

@Steve_Ronuken would know more.

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I think so, I checked another site and CREST wasn’t working. I assumed it was part of the DDOS wreckage. Fuzzworks is different because he does bulk downloads afaik.

I hope they can fix it . It s the best website as far as i know.

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I pull the entire market once every 30 minutes, and store it


Yep thought so. I would not expect less from our resident Grand Wizard of Data.


Hi. Can anyone recommend some alternative site, please?

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https://eve-marketdata.com/ or https://evepraisal.com/item/44992


Thanks :slight_smile:

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Site should be working fine for anyone.

When you say it’s not working, what do you mean?

cloudflare said host error , computer is broken, F

Sorry, I was responding to him commenting on market.fuzzwork.co.uk

and I was responding to the OP

Sorry, got a notification you’d responded to me.