Eve marketer problem

anyone have the name of the owner ? so we can poke him :slight_smile:

Bear in mind that, with the state of the world at the moment, he may have bigger troubles than a non-working Eve ancillary…


@Aplulu was listed as the owner when the site worked, I emailed them on 4th May about somehtin gelse but have not had a response.

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is he in hospital because of corona?

How would we know?

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It’s down again.

I wonder if the issue is at CCPs end again, eve market data website is showing no items either.

The hole site is down so i dont think we can blame CCP :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets hope it get up again soon :slight_smile:


it s up again

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Down again as well :frowning:

Which is sad because it’s by far the best site Just very very unstable the last couple of months

I wonder if it is more what it connects to rather than the site itself, CCP seem to be having a bunch of issues lately (i suspect) which is why we are having lots of extended downtimes.

evemarketer seems to be back up now 20.11 UK time

The bigger issue recently wasn’t CCP (at least, not directly). It was Cloudflare (the partner CCP uses for DDOS protection.) There’s a blog from Cloudflare about the mistake they made :smiley:

However, Evemarketeer being down isn’t going to be caused by CCP. At most, it would lead to stale market data (unless the site is incredibly brittle)

Yep its back up again (THX Aplulu) Lets hope its gets abit more stable from now on :+1:

I dont think we can blame CCP for this one :slight_smile: We can always blame CCP Convict Just cos why not :stuck_out_tongue: But i dont think it will help much :smiley:


Here is another alternative that I’ve been using recently, in case the others go down again: https://www.evemarkethelper.net/

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