Mobile App

Ok, so a mobile app for staying connected to EVE all the time? How about first ccp gets the evemarketer to work all the time first? Just a suggestion.

Evemarketer is nothing to do with CCP, it’s a 3rd party tool provided by a player.


This. CCP is not responsible for a player not updating or maintaining a tool that you use. You might have a valid complaint if CCP broke an API that utterly killed all market apps, but that is not the case.


Always funny how many people come on these forums to complain at CCP about a 3rd party service being down. I kind of feel like if they are not willing to dig into the detail any other issues they ever had on these for forums are irrelevant and can be attributed to being “their” issue.


Lets call them “uninformed while lacking the ability or drive to GET informed”. In these PC times I think that’s as close to the truth as we’re allowed to get.

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Eve app just doesn’t feel complete without the ability to spin my camera drones.


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