Evemarketer works BUT returns an error code 1000 when I try to log in

I’ve mailed the toon that runs evemarketer with no response…

anybody know what the issue is - if the program is still viable?

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Evemarketer hasn’t been maintained for ~2 years.

is there another source for the info that is equal or better? Thnx for help…

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The site has been working, giving me the current market values. Why would anyone need to log into Evemarketer? Personally I wouldn’t trust a 3rd party site with my user information. I am just paranoid like that don’t you know.

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You do know that is not how that works right?

you need to log in to get info like how many jumps to the source and other valuable info

I don’t care if the evemarketer site works, I just would like another site that offers the info I need - in certain areas, which I will not advertise here, you can’t get the info for markets even one jump away, you have to move to another system further away to get the info in-game.

If I have to travel to the system to get the info, in-game market info is worthless…

evemarketer always provided me with all the info I needed…

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I live inside a wormhole. I can punch up the routes from my J-space, get the distance in game, and I still can use it without having to log into the 3rd party app.

Have fun! o7

try EVE Tycoon


I have to disagree with the title of the thread. “Evemarketer works…” no it is real broken when you are told Compressed Veldspar is running this high…

I tend to find answers straight at the source, from the horse’s mouth.

Good luck with that.

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That strange, most of the other items show exactly same price in the regional market :thinking:
When I check regular veldspar I can see correct listing for instance. But You are right - this one instance of misfit listing should sound some alarm bells and prompt cross-checking.

That is pity :confused: This service was really handy in terms of quick price check.

This IS the solution, folks. I have used it now for a week and it works, even better than the lost app!

Thanks much Cypher Kox