Eve-guru.com - Market Browser (and more/to come)

(Arptor Rex) #1

Hello everyone,

I’d like to present you my website

Currently it can be used as a market order browser or to calculate PI factory planet profits.

Very important for me was high data freshness: all of the ~1.2M Orders in the various regions will be updated at least every 10 minutes.

A lot of cool features are in the dev-pipeline -> See the news section.
If you have questions or feedback please let me know!

(Ikki Phoenix) #2

Looks good, however when I log in, it tells me “site is private, you are not whitelisted”

(Arptor Rex) #3

Amazing that I would forget something as simple as that :frowning:

You are the first to mention that, thank you. It should be fixed now, was just a simple flag/setting in the database.

Logging in is optional by the way.

(Tanaka Seiko) #4

Doesn not seem to work, I get nothing… Am I doing something wrong?

(Arptor Rex) #5

“Unfortunately” it works for me. :slight_smile:

I can log in and use all of the currently available features. Can you describe what you do and what happens?

(Tanaka Seiko) #6

If I click on Log in with EVE the dropdowns go dead and nothing works.

If I do not click login, I can use the dropdowns and select values, but I do not see any results, neither in market nor in PI…



(Tanaka Seiko) #7

I tested again and the market browser works!

(system) #8

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