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There is this third party website called eve marketer. I don’t expect it to be “live” or as good as having a character sit at the relevant station, but it’s a tool that would be cool to use and it’s not like a price of something is going to drop 10% in 7 days if there isn’t a patch that might affect it, so a good approximation even if it probably is a bit out of date. So I guess it’d be a tool nice to use. I have a few questions about it.

What is “range”? I didn’t tell the website where I was, so this doesn’t make too much sense. At least in game the “jumps” button in the market makes sense… it tells me how far away I have to get to someone sell offer.

What does the “weighted average” mean for a commodity? I know what a weighed arithmetic mean is, but I don’t know what it would mean here. It could be the price I would pay per item if I bought every single sell offer (so someone selling 3 items would be weighed 3 times as much as someone selling a single copy), but I compared it to my station’s price by narrowing the region and that’s clearly not how it’s weighed since it is lower than this.

There is a market history graph, which looks honestly very similar to any real life commodity trading. Is this graph an aggregate, or can the region be set? I picked an ore, realized the “buyers” and “sellers” tab changed when I changed the region, but “price history” graph didn’t change when I went from 7 “all regions” to 7 differently picked ones.

What is “donachian channel”?


Should explain most of the question regarding market history graph

You can log in with your character on website. Then it will show range in jumps based on your location in game

On the website graph isn’t region locked. In game, you will see only data from region you are currently in

Also, Eve Marketeer is reasonably up to date with the order details - about 15 minutes as I recall or whatever the ESi delay/cache period it. They appear to read from the Eve published API for market orders.

The “Channel” is the highest/lowest transaction prices in the day - rather than the smoothed average.

Sadly due to the absurd nature of EVE’s API/ESI tools like this are ‘‘live’’. Tools can scrape 23/7 giving near instant data to a handful of players. It is one of the main reasons this game is so stagnant & void of player interaction. there is simply no need for community interaction owing to the tools made avalaible.

I like evemarketer and use it daily, instead of logging in a Jita market alt, but having live market data is just too powerful like most other scraping. It allows a minority of players to dominate markets which is uber terrible for player retention & uptick.

Market scraping should be limited to 1 pull during or close to down time. 99% of scraping should be stopped, allowing 4 people to man handle an alliance of 60k is an absurd joke absent from even IRL corporations.

Imagine needing to pop out for a pack of cigs, milk or a beer but you are able to live price scrape to decide which corner shop to go to, this is eveonline you can literally do that, why? I dunno because CCP as software dev’s have a hardon for such pulls, but have zero insight into the irl implausibility or damage that it causes.

Flagging workers for stealing stuff ect, 15mins after is a joke. Or alerting people a structure is under attack, pffft. If you have that many structures you can’t even track their timers in game, you know maybe you have too many?

Kill scraping allows alliances to be notified of fights making black ops (the concept not the ship) nigh on imposible.

People should have eyes on the ground not magic eye in the sky bullshitery. Also if they want such functionality why the heck does it not cost ISK to scrape, I mean you charge ISK for player finding by agent but you give market data for free? How the f’ does that make any sense in the slightest lore and game wise?




Sorry to revive this, but is anyone else getting the error “Error 1114: The table ‘users’ is full” when you try and log into Eve Marketer?

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Click the About at the top of the website and contact the owner

Did you find a solution for this?

Nope and it’s getting 503 errors now, which means it’s down on their end.

Shame because it was really useful. I did send an in-game message but no response.

I can’t recall the other error message I sometimes get, but yeah I’ve been getting that same error 1114 over the last week or so of trying to log in to evemarketer. I would love that jump function so much ugh

Getting the same error “Error 1114: The table ‘users’ is full”

I am also getting this same error…

Using EVE Tycoon now, much better: https://evetycoon.com/

Let just hope @Aplulu is not fedup with us And will have the site back up soon :slight_smile:

My current backup site is https://evetycoon.com

thx for fixing it @Aplulu :slight_smile:

I have tried contacting the owner but no luck. Any more ideas?


Eve marketeer is out of date w.r.t. item listings. It has old stale items and items missing.

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Faced the problem “Error 1114: The table ‘users’ is full”. Tell me how to solve?

Best solution is to use EVE Tycoon

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