Yet Another Market Info Service -

The site aims to make it easier to buy/sell your stuff. All prices should be very near to the ingame makret and items - if tere are new ones added by ccp - will also be imported automatically (on a daily basis).
If logged in, the current active character will be used to show you how far away the stuff is located. (at the moment only direct routes will be shown - even tough the highsec routes are available, but not shown at the moment.

The Appraisal-Tool also shows hints if prices are way too low or even if it would be better to reprocess the stuff.

The production-planer is in a fairly new status and does the calculations for the whole production-chain with switches letting you decide if you want to buy the stuff or produce it yourselfe.

I’m planing to improve it further. Please have a look and give me feedback - which would be very appreciated.

(Login was broken due to misconfiguration. Working again)

Oh i forgot. Login in will also allow you to set the route or open the market window for the desired order :wink:

Added statistics for sell- and buy-prices. Per Tradehub or for HighSec or eve.rything.
At the moment for the last 7 days. History takes time - like a skilling queue :wink:

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