EVE - Trader (new trading tool including PRIVATE structures!)

Hello everyone,

I’m creating this post now - even though the app is still very much in development and far from finished - because I want to give everyone a chance to test it out and give feedback (good / bad). Also I’m looking for feature/improvement suggestions for y’all.

The app in it’s current state allows:

  • Create named item list which you would like to trade with
  • Add so called “Tradehubs” which can be any station or structure (yes even keepstar’s etc.) that you have docking rights for
  • Create so called Opportunities
    • Select list to check
    • Select source and target tradehub
    • Set min. profit margin
    • Set jump freighter cost (if applicable)
    • Set min. profit per item (optional)
    • Set max sell orders at target tradehub (optional, might be seen as amount of competition)

Here are some preview images:

For more information and the tool itself please head over to https://eve.schealex-dev.de/

BE WARNED: The tool is not free - as i’m spending a significant amount of time in developing it and plan to extend it a LOT - and have costs associated with hosting and providing it. Also as this tool is intended (and can already be used to) make a lot of profit i don’t think it’s too much to ask. The regular price is 50m ISK per month but right now you can use the promo code “promotion” when sending the ISK as explained in the “getting started” section to get it half priced!

Please leave me some feedback, ideas and suggestions. There’s probably also still some bugs :smiley:

PS: I’m also currently looking for a fitting name! Feel free to drop suggestions if you have some!

Evelyn Meera

The Isk Doubler ???

Very intriguing tool idea. In the most sincere manner I am curious as to how your tool is able to stand out from some of the current similar tools and how much faster (more efficient?) this tool compares to ingame comparison methods, other existing free tools and potentially even just simple spreadsheets.

I look forward to seeing how this tool progresses and I feel that it will gain more interest and traction if players know how it exactly and directly differs from current tools and optimizes market trading in the contexts it was designed for

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thank you for your insight on this. I’ve initially developed this for myself as i did not find any other tool to have the required functionality. Also I’ve seen tools come quick and go or be unmaintained in eve for years and years now. My goal is to make this tool by so dynamic and universal (and also feature rich) so that it can provide value to anyone. This is not even limited to trading only - that is just what i started with due to my own requirement. I’ve spread this tool to my corp and alliance mates and so far its working out in what it does. But i’m very interested in other / different approches to existing or new features. :slight_smile:

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Friendly Bump :metal:

how are you parsing the structureID and pulling market data from non-public structures? I’m genuinely curious how you pulled this off.

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