EVE Tycoon, a profit tracking and market management tool for traders and industrialists! Now with private citadel support!


TLDR: EVE Tycoon tracks your industry and trade profits, check out the screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/7vmiPA3

EVE Tycoon is a tool I built to fill a hole that EVE Trade Master and Evernus left when they stopped being maintained. I originally just built it as a hobby project for myself, but after some interest from others I decided to built a multi-user version. After a few months of development and testing, I’m releasing it (in beta)!

It works by pulling industry orders, transactions, industry jobs, and blueprints via ESI. It matches sell transactions to buy transactions or completed industry jobs in order to determine the profit. For industry jobs, it looks for buys or other completed jobs in order to determine the input cost. All of this simulation happens across the pool of characters that you add to your account, so you can buy materials on one character, build on another, and sell the products on a third, and it will track the eventual profit.

Broker fees can be fully customized, and set with time ranges. If you trade PLEX via a different structure than your other items, you can set up a custom broker fee for that so things get tracked properly. If the structure owner changed the tax for a particular time range, you can set up broker fee overrides for just that time range.

It’s subscription supported via ISK, with the number of characters being the main differentiator between subscription tiers.

I’ve recently added support for pulling price undercuts from private citadels, as a feature for subscribers.


Had a quick look into my mobile, looks promising.

Mobile version need better RWD optimalization.

How does this tool improve on Eve-Mogul?

how do I download looks good

This is beautiful!
I will donate today.

EVE Tycoon has been updated with a market browser and a margin calculator: https://evetycoon.com/#!/market/40520

Market browser filters have been added:

I’ve updated EVE Tycoon to include corp support! People have asked for this feature for a while now, and I finally had time to implement it.

If you use a corp to manage all your alts for trading / industry, you’re use case is now supported! Add a character with Factory Manager roles, and all the characters starting jobs / trading via corp wallet, and the jobs and profits will be tracked. This works alongside the existing personal trade and job tracking. Everything is pooled between the characters on the EVE Tycoon account.

Jobs created by characters not in your account aren’t tracked - this is more intended for people using corps to manage all their alts. However if you have alts in a BPO library corp, as long as you have factory manager roles in that corp then you can add that character and have it track your copy jobs. You could use the resulting BPCs on personal or corp jobs and they would be tracked.

The corp stuff is under the Pro level subscription, but I’ve added a free 3-day trial if you want to see how it works before subscribing. Personal trade and industry on up to two characters is still free.

If you have questions, jump into the discord: https://discord.gg/cCBK8FG


EVE Tycoon has been updated with bugfixes, and mobile support! It should now work across phones, tablets, and desktop.

There is also a new price copy feature, that let’s you copy the price you paid (or sold) with a % markup:

I use this when I need to relist a bunch of items I bought, to make sure I have a consistent markup.


What an awesome tool! Is there anyway to easily compare sale prices for items in different trading hubs?

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