[SERVICE TOOL] Your custom EVE Software - with API, Server, User management or whatever you want

Hello everyone,

until now I developed several different EVE Tools and Services as EVE Easy Invest or EVE Easy Trader

and a custom Mining Corp Tool to track, what every corp member mined and much worth it is (with a connection to the EVE ESI Api)


What can I do for you? Well the possibilities are endless. Maybe you want to track your mining profit, get a production planner or a member tool for your corp or alliance. You get what you want. No scale is to small or to large. It could a small local running tool or a bigger one with one or more of the following features:

  • Data saving and/or converting
  • Server connection and database (we can provide you the server too) for user login and management for example.
  • Connection to an API (eve-marketer or esi)

If you are interested or have an idea contact me ingame or on discord: Fister#5029 and we can talk about it.

Payment is of course done in ISK. Of course you will get a pricing, before we start to work and you will only pay when the work is done and you are satisfied with what you get.

It is also allowed, that you can resell your ordered tool if you want to. You will own the tool/software and you can do with it whatever you want.

Best regards
Le Fist

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