[Dev Service] I offer custom tools, sites and software

Hello there,

I offer custom tools and software. As a website or as a desktop application. Small calculators, market analysis tools or alliance member management systems; everything is possible. I don’t do spreadsheets.

As you can imagine, it is a bit hard to name a price here, as effort varies a lot from task to task. Simply write me an ingame EVEmail with a description of what you have in mind and your discord tag. I will add you and we can talk about everything their.

If you prefer a website, I can provide the hosting for free too. If your website needs a database too, I have to charge a fee of 100m ISK each month the application is running.

I take 10% of the price in advance, because sometime in the past, someone ordered, but didn’t wanted the product anymore, when dev was done. So this is just to protect me.

Feel free to contact me here or ingame if you have any questions.


Good morning/afternoon

I am looking for some discord bot coding. You able to assist?

Hi Der Dev,

I’m interested, please let me now via in-game mail, what you need to build and host a website for me.


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