[SERVICE] Third Party/Custom Tool Development

Hello fellow capsuleers,

From custom ESI tools to discord bots and everything in between, I can provide you with a custom solution for your eve online needs.

Some info about me - I am the creator and maintainer of Content Finder and a multitude of other privately run services for EVE Online. I am also an EVE Partner and I strive to make and provide the best 3rd party solutions in New Eden.

Some other works:

Multi-Lemm Logistics
WH Buddy: Your Ultimate Wormhole Companion
WH Mass

If you want to go ahead and get a third party solution for your need then feel free to send an EVE Mail to "Contrum Inkunen" on contact me on my discord - perseus7873.

Get your own ESI powered tool today!

Everyone needs custom ESI solutions, even you!!