Eveworks Enterprises - Third Party developer services

I am proud to present the Third Party Developer powered section of Eveworks Enterprises.

CONTACT US, OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/x2jCHe92cb

Third Party Software Development Services include:

- Spreadsheet Development -

If you are looking to automate or handle tasks more hands off with spreadsheets, We can certainly help. With spreadsheet developers with multiple years of experience and immersion in various forms of projects which we can use to improve your gameplay in various ways including:

  • Trading
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Asset management

Those are just some main examples. If you find yourself doing something repetitive like calculations or managing data, don’t hesitate to ask about making a sheet to do the work for you.

- Server and Software - Custom and prebuilt -

Server and Software encapsulates a large range of concepts that boil down to a couple of questions:

Is it conceivable as a tool/program/software solution?
Do you need server hardware?

If you answer yes to one or both of those questions your enquiry falls into the Server and Software category. Requests within the Server and Software category are still as limitless as you can conceive. They can range from a simple corporation website, to a corporation voice coms setup (TS, Mumble, ect), to fully configured installations of SeAT and Alliance Auth.

You aren’t limited to just these examples, this section covers things like custom tools (intel gatherers, pricing calculators ect), or even just bare virtual machines if that tickles your fancy. The options are as endless as your imagination.

So light your imagination through our services and let us help you bring your eve aspirations to life.

Other services include partnerships, commission based staff hiring and eve related market financial advisory. Further details can be found from this link

We are also happy to support oncoming and aspiring developers, for questions or advice or help in general in relation to the third party developers subsection of the forums, check us out and make contact with our staff.

CONTACT US, OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/x2jCHe92cb

Are you LibreOffice compatible?

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Im confident one of our spreadsheet devs has the ability to work with libreOffice solutions, cant hurt to ask in our discord though!

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