Eveworks Enterprises - Custom Software, Spreadsheeting and much more (Custom Software and sheets, Hosting, SEaT, Alliance Auth, Market Calculators, Market analysis, Corp Websites, Market Scanning Programs, Discord Bots)

WEBSITE: https://evework.xyz

I am very proud to present to the Eve Community the Eveworks enterprise; this is a succession of the service promoted here. The service has became a small community hub for various services EVE related.

— Current Services —

- Spreadsheet Development -

If you are looking to automate or handle tasks more hands off with spreadsheets, We can certainly help. With spreadsheet developers with multiple years of experience and immersion in various forms of projects which we can use to improve your gameplay in various ways including:

  • Trading
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Asset management

Those are just some main examples. If you find yourself doing something repetitive like calculations or managing data, don’t hesitate to ask about making a sheet to do the work for you.

- Server and Software -

Server and Software encapsulates a large range of concepts that boil down to a couple of questions:

Is it conceivable as a tool/program/software solution?
Do you need server hardware?

If you answer yes to one or both of those questions your enquiry falls into the Server and Software category. Requests within the Server and Software category are still as limitless as you can conceive. They can range from a simple corporation website, to a corporation voice coms setup (TS, Mumble, ect), to fully configured installations of SeAT and Alliance Auth.

You aren’t limited to just these examples, this section covers things like custom tools (intel gatherers, pricing calculators ect), or even just bare virtual machines if that tickles your fancy. The options are as endless as your imagination.

So light your imagination through our services and let us help you bring your eve aspirations to life.

- Hiring and Partnership -

Eveworks is an everchanging landscape of relevance, we always welcome new ideas, suggestions and skillsets to our team. So if you feel you have something to contribute to our team, no matter how big or small, contact us and open up a hiring ticket in our discord so we can explore the unknown together.

CONTACT US: OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/x2jCHe92cb


Even if he posted that, its advertising and doesn’t reflect the service itself. There are many people who have gotten work done through Eveworks and there’s a reason its still around and has a customer base.

That being said, if anyone is unsure about contracting a job for Eveworks, feel free to ask for past work examples or maybe even ask other people in the discord about how they feel with work they’ve contracted.

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Bump! Service around and still growing strong!

CONTACT US: OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/x2jCHe92cb

bump, service still active

Still Around, making people happy and helping reach their goals

Service is still up and going strong!

Great service and leadership!

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Service still very much active

bump! service still active and better than ever

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Bump! Some of our staff are working on some projects for release in the coming weeks! Stay tuned for all sorts of new and improved tools. Remember your own customs tools can be also made, do you want your own private version of something already in existence? Do you need a more thorough background check for your members?

Last I checked optimizing your industry and trading abilities is one of the most able ways to make it in eve; dont do it the manual way. Your time is valuable, do it the fast way, do it the proper way.

Get a leg up on the new build recipe modifications that are being introduced!

Bump! Service Growing Strong!

All those tedious, time consuming processes you end up doing in aspects of the game in relation to any form of analysis is automatable in one way or another. Time is the world’s most valuable asset, don’t waste it trying to achieve a solution when the professionals of this service can do it for you!

Even Financial Situation, management and analysis is available via a real life qualified financial advisor on our team.

“You cant reach the stars standing alone; but if you stand on the shoulders of enough people you can go beyond the stars and into a whole new world of possibilities” - Some smart and wise person.