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(Arko Floyd) #1

WTS Custom Spreadsheets - Google Sheets - Market Data - ESI Data - Citadel/Station Stocking

:gear: Service

I want to sell custom spreadsheets. I’m able to create or update all varieties of Spreadsheets.
I have experience with implementation of market data, data dumps, applying Java scripts and ESI data. That means making all data which eve is providing dynamic and easy usable within a spreadsheet enviroment.

:bulb: This includes dynamic data in relation to

  • Alliances, Corporations, Wars
  • Assets, Characters, Mails, Contacts, Skills
  • Fleets, Fittings, Killmails
  • Industry, Blueprints, Items
  • Markets, Wallets, Contracts
  • Planetary Interaction
  • Universe, Sovereignty, Faction Warfare, Incursions

:newspaper: Klick here for my product catalogue

:star2: My Background and Specialization

I gained my experience in spreadsheets in the last years while i used them to (import)stock nullsec markets. So i’m seasoned in managing a whole supply chain of stocking a market from Jita to the customer in deep null. My Google sheets helped me to monitor my whole targeted market, showed me empty stocks, alarmed me when someone was selling cheaper than me and allowed me to keep an overview through a lot of orders from multiple characters.

If someone is interested in this im also able to give some piece of advice in this topic apart from a custom spreadsheet.

If you are interested in a custom spreadsheet pls mail me your imagined features:grey_exclamation:

:incoming_envelope: Contact
Ingame: Arko Floyd
Discord: Arko Floyd#5474

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[SERVICE] Spreadsheets
(Gettinsome) #2

Ive commsioned Arko to do a sheet, he had something awesome that next day of a very good standard. I definitely recommend this service, and happy to have him make more.

(Arko Floyd) #3

Thanks to all my Customers…
some gave me really challenging orders but every application benefits from the experience which was gained before.

API and CREST are discontinued now and there is quite some stuff to do.

I updated now all my applications with pictures and hope the claiming but very rewarding tasks will continue!

(Imustbecomfused) #4

I did contact you in game, and I received your response. Thank you! I am interested and will properly reply when I get home from work today, or early tomorrow morning :)…


(Davak Kateelo) #5

o/ Arko!

I send you a mail in game, look forward to speaking with you soon!

(Davak Kateelo) #6

Arko provided exactly what I needed with a very quick turnaround time! I definitley will be using him again in the future and recommend him to anyone who needs some spreadsheet work done!

(Rixhar) #7

In game mail sent :grinning:

(Plaguies) #8

Happy Customer here.

Excellent work.

(Rixhar) #9

A very nice and rapid service.
Will come back :grinning:

(Johanna Baragool) #10

This guy did some great work! I can only recommend him! He built me some awsome trading sheets so i have to do even less work now :D.



(Plaguies) #11

Again he did some awesome calculation tools for me.

confirming his products!

(Arko Floyd) #12

My products are now with descriptions in my new catalogue!

(Reileen Kawahara) #13

I’m interested in the Large Industrial sheet but 600M is a lot of isk. Do you have anything I could test before I buy?

(Astrid Thrask) #14

Is in your Industrial spreedsheet also an Calculator for reactions ?

(Miezip Eclipse) #15

Added u on discord to discuss a spreadsheet. U can most likey make it for me by adding a few of yours together. But I have some demands and needs. Get back to me if u can

(Elenoire Doissetep) #16

Sheets are one user or could be used by several char?

Any discount for more than one tool buying?


(boernl) #17

normaly spreadsheets can be shared by inviting ppl to use it but keep in mind how you share it cause they can also unintentialy ruin the sheet

(I Stock Shelves) #18

Discord Request Sent.

(Arko Floyd) #19

Service is currently stoped due to rl issues.

(acio asok) #21

“arko” when will it continue?