📄 [SERVICE] Spreadsheets


(Ahuraa) #22

Arko, write to me when you are back again

(Jerry Aldeland) #23

plz notify me too

(Arko Floyd) #24

Service is continuing from now again

(Davak Kateelo) #25

Welcome back!!!

(Stilgar Teg) #26

Sent you an eve-mail from my alt IQ.

Profittracker ... like evetrademaster it was
(Hesruk) #27

Interested in your services. Please message me when you have time.

(Sinickal) #28

Arko - Discord invite sent:)

(Tarbok Dallocort) #29

Arko - Ingame mail sent

Thank you

(Ham Rici) #30

Sent you an in-game mai!
Interested in a couple of your already done spreadsheets!

(SquareBlocks) #31

I would love to use your service - i am currently looking for a industrial/production Excel sheet with also a blueprint Excel sheet - how do i give details on what i am looking for, or do i get the default copy of yours and say what i want changed. Please advice. Thanx

(Tzn-Su Tsutola) #32

Would a spreadsheet be able to tell me my profits over the course of a day/week/month or would I have to crunch a bunch of numbers regardless? I’ve never used excel and barely used Google Docs, what would the best thing for me to use since I’m rather new to station trading?

(Khris P Bacon) #33

@Arko_Floyd are you still active and creating sheets still?

(Zehx Marquise) #34

Try sending him a mail in game. I just spoke to him the other day about this.

(Tyrinath Silverwing) #35

is he still active ? i have a request for one of his spreadsheets

(ChopShopGuy) #36

Got a project that you might be able to help with. Sent you an ingame message from an alt and sent a friend request on Discord. Thank you Sir.

(Sensdy) #37

Send you an ingame message and discord request, looking forward to have a chat with you.