[SERVICE] Custom Spreadsheets

I’ll develop a custom spreadsheet for you. I can make a spreadsheet for almost any industrial concern with whatever information you desire including comparisons in prices between market hubs, build vs sell cost, variable ME input, etc.

Here’s a screenshot of an example I made for a friend recently: https://i.imgur.com/1OY1pqu.png

I can customize a spreadsheet for extreme detail and advanced calculations or it could be simple and show some basic industrial math. I can also include additional sheets like ledgers.

It will be delivered via google sheets and I can update it as necessary for changes to the game at your request.

I can create you a sheet using ESI or help you rebuild a sheet that no longs works because it was using XML/CREST.

Send me a mail with details of what you require and we can talk about pricing.

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Can your sheets automatically pull market data?

Yes, they can

Fantastic where have you been all my life…

I’m seriously looking for a market spreadsheet. Plz send me a mail iname, I won’t waist your time.

Completed 2 sheets for customers so far, both seemed pleased :slight_smile:.

Also helped two people update their old sheets to update market data without eve-central.

Latest one was a fairly complicated industrial sheet that imported Jita prices for T2 rigs, and compared manufacturing and invention costs vs jita cost to see if it was profitable to build. Included variables for different decryptors and invention skills to make more accurate calculations.

Send me a mail if interested!

Plz give me the quote in here if possible. Here are the basics of what I need:

Item, Jita Sell, target system sell, target system volume, gross margin, tax and fees, nett Margin, net margin percentages.

I buy from sell orders in jita then export to other tradehub like amarr, hek, rens, and dodiksie to sell there on sell orders.

I trade mainly implants, ammo, Drones, equipment and ships.

If you could include a place I can insert my individual traders (sellers) tax info to populate the tax and fees tax that would be great.

And obviously it’s a couple of hubs so I need to be able to choose one at a time i.e. Jita to hek or amarr to jita.

And finally I do this 3 times a day so please try to put in some kind of refresh (auto or manual is fine)

@macash Check your mails, I need a bit more clarification on specifics.

hit me up to improve your efficiency and profits :slight_smile:

nice sheet.

if u dont have spreadsheet skills use this service.

Created a basic reaction profits spreadsheet for someone and additionally fixed an issue a customer couldn’t solve with a sheet they got from their corp! More happy customers :slight_smile:.

Looking for a custom sheet that will give me Market Data for trading between Jita and Null Sec , refine rates, building sheet and a reaction spreadsheet all in one, or all split up, whatever is easier for you, msg me with prices and we can work something out.

Nice work done on a spreadsheet for myself.

Replies very quickly, and had the job done promptly.

Very please.

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Just sent a request using the in game mail.
Let me know what you can do. Pretty simple one I think


Could you mail me a price for a spread sheet that is automatically updated with Jita prices,
I need it to show the cost of ore to produce all the capital components to make all the Armoured capitals not including the super carriers and titans


List of all the components to build the archon: the amount of ore required and then the total cost of all the ore.

Same for the others.

Please mail me with quotes!

Kind regards

Arriada, replied to you via mail :slight_smile:


I’d like to comment on how fast this service is! He replied to me within a short period of time and spoke to me on discord, gave me what I needed and more. He also taught me how to advance my spreadsheet further, Very comprehensive, clear and useful! I am going to be using his services again soon!

Thank you!

Hi OP, are you familiar with the sheets that Regnar Avastum used to do or know what happened to him?

Been away a few months, come back and my sheets dont work.

Hey, I’m interested in buying the spreadsheets you’ve already created. Can you shoot me a message with some of them? I’m interested in the T2 one and maybe a few others you’ve done already.

Shoot me a mail too please.

Mail was sent.