(I Sell Drugs) #1

If this is not allowed according to the EULA, please delete.

I’m looking for someone who is good with spreadsheets, that can clean mine up a bit, and edit it to use Fuzzworks market API for live Jita prices.

Price is negotiable, I’ll let you see the sheet first before we agree on a price.

I also don’t mind if you use Evemarketer, I’ve just been told that Fuzzworks database is more reliable.

(Evaldia) #2

Hi there, I believe that I may be able to help you out, I’ve quite a few spreadsheets myself all of which pull data from EVEMarketer, mail or find me ingame I usually check in shortly after the daily downtime.

I’m sure we can work something out :smile:

(Brock Khans) #3

Uses evemarketer API, can do all the main trade hubs, compare buy/low, put in your taxes for estimated returns.


(I Sell Drugs) #4

Thanks Brock, Evaldia already hooked me up though.

Thread closed.

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