💰 [FREE SERVICE] Free Trade Spreadsheet 💰

Beginner Station Trade Sheet that will pull all the items listed from the Eve Marketer API data and crunch the numbers based off your taxes/fees of each trade hub.


How to Use It

  1. Clone your own copy to your Google Drive
  2. Update all your taxes/fees on the Math Tab for all the trade hubs (decimal format), ie if your brokers fee is 7% then your decimal format is .07
  3. Type in any item name into the left hand column on the trade tab (press enter to save your change), wait a couple seconds for the sheet to refresh.
  4. Choose which buy/sell locations you want to compare
  5. Magic!

Custom alternations may have a charge.

Feel free to clone a copy for your self and poke around. Should help beginners see how a simple sheet runs.

Kudos to @Steve_Ronuken for the fuzzworks typeid csv export

Please Report any Bugs! Contact me here/in-game for any questions.



I’ve variablized the brokers/accounting fees on the math tab. All you need to do is fill those in based off your characters skills of the station/fortizar you use and it will dynamically update the fee combination based off the 2 locations selected.

Had someone request access last night. Remember to just clone a copy to your own google drive and use that

Hi Mate

This is exactly what i need, how do i create another column to have JIta Sell and Rens Sell together on the same sheet so i can work out which system sells for more, and visa-versa for Buy.

i’ll have to look a bit later and get back to you

Ah your wicked, i tried copying and pasting but that didn’t work. I also tried to add more than 152 cells and i couldn’t work it out :slight_smile:

Yeah the number of rows I have on the trade page is pretty much maxed, so I wouldn’t add any more there

Can you share your cloned version with me and I can edit on yours

Think i shared it to you.

K all done. The only thing to be aware of, is the profit calculations are processed off the sell swap in column C, but you can use the new Column D to just have a look at what it would be

Make sense?

You absolute legend, that is exactly what i wanted! when i make my billions ill be sending you some isk!

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This is amazing! I had a sheet nearly identical to this one, but it ran off Eve-Central (rip) Thanks for this !

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Great name :slight_smile:

hi man/pls help me :slight_smile:
how add refresh interval to buy and sell 4 hour’s,or how to refresh price ?Now refresh interval 1 day
sry /i bad speak english

You can force a refresh by just changing an item name and pressing enter



/me sings, “It was just what I needed! It calculates all my fees! Just what I needed! A way to make those iskies!”

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I use the eve-marketer API, which I believe only looks at NPC stations not player citadels for some items.

Looking at the highly traded things like plex, injectors/extractors etc it does check citadels, at least ICY ones

How do i put in something like Nanite Repair Paste or some other ships?

You need to clone the sheet so you have your own version, as the one I link is a view only.

Then just write the item/ship name in the column on the left, hit enter, and it will lookup the typeid and then make the market calls.