hey anyone have any updated spreedsheets working with jita pricing since eve central went down?

i’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but anything helps!!

You can use the https://evemarketer.com/ (3rd party site) instead of EVE-central, they use very similar API’s and as such it’s very easy to adjust your spreadsheets.


I use a price dump from Eve market data, the whole lot in a mere 10,000 rows!

http://api.eve-marketdata.com/api/item_prices2.xml?char_name=Oriella Trikassi&solarsystem_ids=30000142&buysell=b

So I feel like I’m about to lose my mind. I’ve been researching this topic for 3 days now and have gotten nowhere :frowning: I don’t have any current spreadsheets, was looking to make my own from scratch. If I can just figure out how to pull current pricing by location to a google doc I’ll be happy. I’ve gone through the fuzzworks guide, that hasn’t worked. I don’t think I have the knowledge base to understand what he’s saying when he refers to the eve-marketdata site, and eve central is down. I’ve tried the eve university, it refers to eve central, which is down. I’ve tried the swagger page, but I can’t seem to get an actual url to plug into my spreadsheet, their stuff seems a lot more complicated. I’ve tried EVEMarketer, but it doesn’t seem to let me search by region and price and use it’s url. I’m really, really stuck and getting a little frustrated at this point.

If there’s anyone that could either give me an example of a working url, like eve-uni has, I know how to find type ids and station ids, that would be amazing. Barring that, if someone would be kind enough to just point me to a website or guide that actually works that I could actually use for this it would be amazingly appreciated. And if someone would be so amazing as to actually maybe like get in comms or something and help me get started, I’d happily give you 5% of the first 100 runs of whatever I make. I just want these stupid things to work, goshdarnit! lol.

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Everything you need can probably be done with these two sets of google sheets/ESI code sets.

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Alright I appreciate it! I’ll look at that, started reading the readme and it’s nothing I’ve ever done before, but I’ll give it my best go. Thank you very much!

You’ll need to build from these but the combination of the two code sets provide everything you need to build your own buy/build/sell tool. Because both use ESI, you are future-proofed…at least for the next many years.

Maybe start with nuadi set which includes a sample for each of the functions he provides.

You’ll probably want to get the static data of all “items” in Eve from here:


and get “invTypes” into a Sheet tab.

Learn the function “vlookup()” in Sheets and you’re well on your way.

This is where I learned how to do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DuavODssDE

You just have to update it for the EVEMarketer API.

This will pull Jita prices. http://api.evemarketer.com/ec/marketstat?usesystem=30000142

Just gotta say, you guys are amazing. I finally got it all figured out, got my spreadsheet working, now have profit calculations for a ton of stuff. THANK YOU!!!

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Another competitor successfully launched.

Bring on the PvP! :smiley:


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