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Does anyone know if the following spreadsheet has been updated to pull market data since changes to API with a current version available? If not, can anyone explain how I can update this myself please?

Thanks all!

You better ask in the 3rd Party Developers forum. There you’ll find other apps that make use of Google spreadsheets.

For the spreadsheet you have, it looks pretty much broken. The few prices that are in there look way off and EVE Central has gone out of service a while ago.

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Answer to this is, No. It still set to use eve-central.com which as you know is dead, however it’s fairly easy to make it work, if you do the following:

On the “eve-metrics prices” sheet

  • in cell B1, C1, D1 and E1 replace /evec_api/marketstat/type/ in the formulas so that it just reads: //sell/min , //buy/avg , //buy/max , //buy/max
  • In the formula in cell G1 it should be "http://api.evemarketer.com/ec/marketstat?" instead of the eve-central one.

this could possibly fix most of it, if not all?

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Thanks @ISD_Sakimura, this fix has solved the entire spreadsheet! :+1:

just noticed a slight error in the change you should make

Should be //sell/min , //buy/avg , //buy/max , //buy/avg

No worries, I picked up on that whilst editing the sheet and changed accordingly

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