Spreadsheets not pulling in prices

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Ive some old spreadsheets that pull in prices from the trade hubs, someone did these spreadsheets for me so ive no clue how they work myself, they were working 3 days ago but no longer pull in prices. is anyone aware of anything changing from CCP tha may break this pricing pull down?

I don’t exactly how it works, but I get pricing data from a market aggregator site, which gets pricing data from CCP. Perhaps CCP doesn’t store the info in a way that excel/google docs can access. Dunno.

Regardless, it could be where your spreadsheet is pulling prices from. I used to use Eve Central, but that went down for a server update and never came back. Had to switch to Evemarketer (which is currently working). Might want to poke around for a tab that list a bunch of type ID’s and web addresses, and see where those web addresses are going. If they’re down, you can either try waiting for that site to come back up, or updating your spreadsheet to use evemarketer.

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