[SERVICE] I will build you custom Industry Spreadsheets for ISK

About me
I’m a long time EVE player that has had quite a few breaks over the past 6/7 years as I simply found myself getting a bit lost trying to breakout from the constant ratting/mining or whatever it may be you do, the solutions to the ISK-flow were found in things such as PI, Manufacturing, Research, Reactions & Trading, sadly the reality of this is to be truly competitive you need access to the APIs and to have all the information presented to you handled in a manageable and readable way.

After several hundred hours of headaches with Excel & Google Sheets I finally feel comfortable enough to be competitive in these fields and now I’ve got my own system running I have an itch to build more systems!

I will design & build custom spreadsheets for whatever it is you do in EVE Online, we can get in a chat and discuss what it is you actually want & need and I will charge per deliverable. i.e. Client wants industry spreadsheet that tracks his stock & skills & market data and presents a list of best options to build & then wants to be told where to sell the product. I will first charge for the stock tracker with live market data, build it, then charge for the skills & build options and integrate it. This will allow for you to only build to the point you actually want to and see it as it grows.

I have more experience in Excel than Google Sheets, however if Sheets is a must it can be done, just may take a little longer as I will not be able to migrate some of my own functions over.

Updates needed in future can be requested and depending on the severity of the change it will either be free or a small fee.

I can also update any outdated sheets that no longer work due to EVE infrastructure changing over the years.

Send me a mail in game with details before booking.

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